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Riverside Recreation Centre, Stafford

The Sauna at the Riverside Recreation Centre in Stafford. This photograph was taken by Stafford photographer Tony Boydon. If you recognise the woman in this view please contact us. Riverside Recreation ...

Chauffeur and car, Shugborough

George Rose in his uniform, standing next to Lady Lichfield's Rover 75 in the Servants' Quarters courtyard at Shugborough. He was Head Chauffeur at Shugborough between about 1920 and 1931, and again ...

Princes Street, Stafford

Looking along Princes Street towards Crabbery Street, Stafford. In the background is the entrance to St. John's Market and the old Noah's Ark Inn. At the time of this photograph the Noah's Ark was being ...

St. John's Market, Stafford

Market traders' stalls and customers inside St. John's Market. The Market buildings were demolished in the early 1990s to make way for the construction of the Guildhall Shopping Centre.

Newport Road, Stafford

The entrance to the British Railways Coal and Goods Depot on Newport Road, Stafford.

Market Square, Stafford

A wintry scene of the Market Square with Boots Chemist shop and the bus stop in the background.

Jeffrey's Garage in Brakespeare Street, Goldenhill, Stoke-on-Trent

The photograph shows W Jeffrey & Sons bus and coach garage in Brakespeare Street (to the left) in Goldenhill. This is the rear entrance to the garage which fronted onto Charlotte Street. The garage has ...

Hollywall County Primary School, Sandyford, Stoke-on-Trent

Hollywall Junior and Infants School is in Burnaby Road in Sandyford and the original buildings date from 1939. This is a view of the south side with climbing frame, kitchen and hall/dining room. These ...

Gaol Square, Stafford

Wintery scene of Gaol Square with Christ Church in the background. Christ Church was built on Foregate Street in 1839. It closed in 1976 and in 1983 it was demolished; sheltered housing for the elderly ...

Fustian Mill on Oxford Road, Fegg Haye, Stoke-on-Trents.

The fustian mill is on the west side of Oxford Road. The mill was part of Congleton Cutters "English Velvets". Fustian is the old name for corduroy, a kind of cotton velvet. The cotton cloth had extra ...

Foregate Street, Stafford

Photograph taken from inside a shop looking towards W & C Smith's shop on Foregate Street, Stafford.

Etruria Road, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent

Snowy scene of Etruria from Etruria Road, Shelton. The two large gasometers seen in the background were demolished in 1986.

Drummond Street, Goldenhill, Stoke-on-Trent

Drummond Street (Victoria Street until the 1950s) was just off High Street, Goldenhill. The area has been cleared of houses and is now occupied by the Goldenhill Community Hall. There is a date tablet ...

Dog show, Staffordshire County Showground. Hopton

Judging in the toy dogs category at a dog show at the Staffordshire County Showground at Hopton, Stafford.

Colclough Lane, Goldenhill, Stoke-on-Trent

This is the view north east along Colclough Lane from close to the Collinson Road area. The road drops down into the Scotia Brook valley and at the bottom was Goldenhill Station on the Potteries Loop ...

Stonecotes, Chell Heath Road, Stoke-on-Trent

Stonecotes, a 1960s housing development alongside Chell Heath Road. Chell Heath Road is to the left. The camera is facing south, looking towards Bradeley and Smallthorne. The two cars in the foreground ...

Birchenwood Road near Packmoor, Stoke-on-Trent

Looking north east along Birchenwood Road. The photograph was taken from close to the site of Goldenhill Station, which was just behind the camera, and Birchenwood Road was originally called Station Road. ...

Bee hives, Shugborough Park

Bee hives in a plantation just off the Stafford Drive in Shugborough Park. Hadrian's Arch can be seen in the distance on the skyline.