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A.J. Talbot & Son, boot dealers and manufacturers, Eccleshall

A.J. Talbot and Son's shop on High Street, Eccleshall. They were boot and dealers and manufacturers. As well as bespoke boots and shoes, they made leggings, carried out repairs and stocked Lotus, Ariel, ...

Arthur Hay, Provisioners & Grocers, Derby Street, Leek

Arthur Hay's grocer's shop at 57, Derby Street, Leek. He also had premises on the corner of West Street (no 45) and Picton Street, currently (2020) Squires of Leek, hairdressers . Born in Lincolnshire ...

Bourne & Talbot, grocers and bakers, Eccleshall

Bourne & Talbot's grocers, bakers and confectioners shop on High Street, Eccleshall. The shop opened by 1908 and in 1920 J.E. Bourne sold his business to the Stafford Industrial Co-operative Society. Image ...

Cordwainer's apprenticeship indenture, Stafford

Indenture document on parchment recording the apprenticeship of Henry Dale, aged twelve, to John Osborn of Stafford, Cordwainer. From the Staffordshire County Museum collections.

Edge iron tool. Finishing department, shoe manufacturing

Edge irons are used to set the edge of the sole, to smooth it and imprint a desired shape on it. This process is done by running the heated tool, under pressure, along the edge of the leather sole and ...

Factory shop, Lotus Ltd, Stafford

The Lotus Ltd. factory shop at Lotus's shoe factory on Sandon Road, Stafford. Lotus was formerly Edwin Bostock's shoe factory, which was on Foregate Street, Stafford. The factory was destroyed by ...

Frank and Esther Austin, Alstonefield

'Cobbler Frank' Austin and his wife. He started his business at Narrowdale then moved to Top of Hope where he mended all the villagers' shoes.

H.J. Gover, photographer, Piccadilly, Hanley

H.J. Gover's artists and photographers shop at 53, Piccadilly, Hanley. Herbert James Gover was born in Clerkenwell, London in 1857. He was the son of Edward J. Gover, draughtsman and author of an ...

Lillie-Mitchell Ltd., piano and music warehouse, High Street, Leek

Lillie-Mitchell Ltd.'s shop on High Street, Leek. The business supplied pianos, organs, phonographs, records and sheet music, as well as a piano tuning and repair service. This substantial looking ...

Lotus factory after demolition, Stafford

The Lotus shoe factory site on Sandon Road during demolition in 1998. The site is now occupied by housing. Lotus was originally named Bostock's and was founded in the eighteenth century by Thomas ...

Lotus Ltd. stand at the County Show, Hopton, Stafford

A Lotus Ltd. shoe display in a trailer at the Staffordshire County Show held at the County Showground, Hopton, Stafford. Standing by it is Ron Withers. The display is advertising 'Lotus Playbucks for ...

Lotus shoes sales catalogue

Lotus marketing booklet depicting seven different styles of men's shoes from the " Playbucks " range.

Lotus shoes sales catalogue

A page from a sales catalogue depicting eight different styles of women's shoes from the "Susi Qs" range manufactured at Lotus Ltd's Sandon Road factory in Stafford.

Moulton's milliners,High Street, Eccleshall

Elizabeth Moulton's (nee Sillitoe) millinery shop at Cromwell House, High Street, Eccleshall. Elizabeth's mother, Helen, had a drapery business in the High Street in 1901 and Elizabeth's grandfather, ...

Sam Sykes, Village cobbler, Longnor

Mr Sam Sykes at work in his workshop, Market Street, Longnor.

Shoemaker's heel shave

A shoemaker's all-metal finishing tool. The purpose of this tool is to trim the sides of the heel. This tool belonged to John Ward, a Stafford shoemaker whose premeses were at Rowley Street.

Shoemaker's seat wheel

A shoemaker's tool, used during the finishing process, also known as a bunking wheel. The tool wheel is heated and then run round the top of the sole. This is to enhance the appearance of machine stitched ...

Shoemaker's welt trimmer

A shoemaker's hand tool, used by a Stafford shoe manufacturer. The tool is placed over the edge of a leather sheet and drawn along to cut out the welt strip. The welt is a strong piece of good leather ...