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Army Cadet Force, Stone

Army Cadet Force members pictured on the sports field at Alleyne's Grammar School, Oulton Road, Stone. Front right is Bugler C.R. Haynes. The Photographer is A.J. Guy of Stafford.

Army Cadets Party, Stone

The Stone Air Defence Cadet Corps, later the A.T.C., was founded in May 1941, with the help of Squadron-Leader H.C. (Claude) Cooksey. Stone Senior Council School was used as a centre, but the A.T.C. ...

Cadets at Stoke Train Station, Station Road, Stoke-on-Trent

This photograph shows young cadets from 237 squadron of the ATC on manoeuvres. They are carrying their kit into Stoke station on their way to training camp.

Great War March and Service, Hednesford

Pictured are cadets, ex-servicemen and guests, along with members of the public attending a service following a march in Hednesford. Similar marches and services were held around Staffordshire to remember ...

Halt for refreshments, Uttoxeter ACF on an exercise in the Peak District

The Army Cadet Force (ACF) was set up for youths who were too young to join the army, making it possible for them to undergo a shorter period of training when they did become army recruits. This photograph ...

Kit Inspection, Uttoxeter ACF Camp

The ACF camp took place annually and was also attended by other units. The camp was held in the countryside around Uttoxeter.

Physical jerks before breakfast, Uttoxeter ACF Camp

The young cadets had an inspection parade at 7.30am, before physical jerks (exercises), which Edward Wilson, one of the cadet leaders recalled, "soon dispelled any remains of sleepiness".

Remembrance Parade and RAF Stafford

RAF Stafford service personnel, members of the British Legion and the Army Cadet Force are pictured outside the entrance to St Mary’s Collegiate Church during the 2002 Remembrance Parade. RAF Stafford ...

Sand and gravel pit, Chase Road, Cannock Chase

A closer view of the worked out sand and gravel pit that at the top of Chase Road, now a conservation area for wildlife. A sign of the times, when aggregates were extracted and the site left to nature. ...

Uttoxeter ACF

Three of the Army Cadet Force leaders are named in the photograph. Seated on chairs on the front row are Edward Wilson, Chemistry master at Thomas Alleynes High School and member of the town's Home Guard ...

Uttoxeter ACF march-past, Market Place, Uttoxeter

At the head of the procession is Sam Elkes, proprietor of Elkes' Biscuits, Edward Wilson, Chemistry master at Thomas Alleynes High School and member of the Uttoxeter Home Guard, and to his right, Paddy ...

Uttoxeter ACF Parade through town