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Map of sewers in Newcastle-under-Lyme

This map shows all the drains and sewage system for Newcastle-Under-Lyme. It was commissioned by the council after a new law was passed by the Board of Health forced the council to build new drains after ...

Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Planning Scheme Map, Knutton

The town planning scheme allocated areas or zones for different types of development such as residential, industry and public open space (the colour codes can be seen on the index map). Development had ...

Night Soil Men

Three men with a pony and cart emptying and collecting from outdoor privies. This photograph was taken in Staffordshire, possibly in Walsall.

Post Office Training Centre, Yarnfield

A member of staff at the Post Office Training Centre is pictured by a Pulvermatic Shredding Machine. In the centre there are several catering size empty food tins (including carrots, apricot halves and ...

Stafford Sewage Works at Brancote

Stafford Sewage Works at Brancote showing percolating filters, which is a secondary part of sewage treatment. The works are sited by the River Sow between Baswich and Milford.

Workers near Churchbridge, Cannock

Working party laying drain or sewage pipes at the roadside. William Henry Briggs is standing at the rear with a hammer in his hand.