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Adams Butter's First Show Trailer, Ball Haye Hall

Fred Adams Snr. bought a small diary farm on Buxton Road in 1870, and his son Fred began making butter there in 1922. The business was ground-breaking, being the first in the country to produce pre-packed ...

Albion Lorry, Uttoxeter Dairy

Albion milk lorry fitted with solid tyres. The driver's name is unknown. This photograph was taken at United Dairies' Uttoxeter Dairy. There has been a creamery on this site in Uttoxeter since 1897. ...

Bamford's cheese press

A rack and lever cheese press made by Bamford's of Uttoxeter. The pressure is maintained by the addition of weights on the end of the lever. This press was used at Church Farm, Milwich. Bamfords ...

Butter Making Competition, Knightley,

Butter making competition at Gorse Farm. Mr and Mrs George Watson, who lived at the farm, are seated in the centre with their daughter May.

Butter making, Stafford area

A studio photograph showing a dairy maid demonstrating a Bradford's butter churn. Photographer: Charles Fowke, 15 Victoria Road, Stafford.

C.W.S glass-lined milk tanker, Uttoxeter

This milk tanker was able to carry 1200 gallons of milk.

Cadbury's works, Pershall

This small dairy processing works was set up around 1911 to supply the Cadbury's factory at Knighton. The Knighton factory was established by Cadbury’s in 1911 to make chocolate crumb for the Bournville ...

Cheese Presses, Chillington Hall

This photograph of cheese presses in the service buildings at Chillington Hall was taken by County Life in 1948. Image copyright Country Life. This image may not be used for resale or commercial purposes ...

Cheese presses, Wilbarn Cottage, near Woodlane, Uttoxeter

A row of four cheese presses in a small lean-to, built onto the end of a 200 year old farmhouse.

Cherry Orchard icecream factory, Meaford

Cherry Orchard Ices Ltd. were based in the stable block at Meaford Hall. Previously based in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Tunstall, the factory part of the business moved to Meaford in 1949.The company also ...

Cow Creamer

With the fashion for taking tea, coffee and chocolate in the mid 18th century came the need for equipment for preparing and serving it. One of the more fanciful inventions of potters (and silversmiths) ...

Cowshed , Rodbaston Farm Institute, Penkridge

Rodbaston College's origins lie in 1919 when the War Agricultural Committee opened an agricultural training depot. In 1921 it became Rodbaston Farm Institute, which was run by the County Council. It was ...

Cowshed, Abbotsholme, Rocester

Interior of a largely whitewashed cowshed at a Rocester farm. The man wearing a white overall, and holding a pail and milking stool is obviously just about to start or finish milking the cows.

Cowshed, Rue Barn, near Eccleshall

A row of nine British Friesian cows standing in a cow shed. Manufacturer's sign for Gascoigne milking machinery on beam above the cows' heads. Photographed for Mr J.H. Leach of No.4 Rue Barn, Cash Lane, ...

Cowshed, unknown location

Three Jersey cows in a milking parlour, location unknown. Photographer: Gerald McCann, High Street, Uttoxeter.

Dairy van, Clive Farm, Pattingham

Owned by the Williamson family.

Dairy workers, Fole Dairy, near Uttoxeter

preparation of condensed milk in the old mill building at Fole Dairy. Fole dairy occupied the site of Fole Mill, originally built in 1771 for Henry Copestake. The Dairy opened in the 1920s and was ...

Dairy workers, Home Farm, Hales

Three milkers at Home Farm, Hales standing in a doorway. John Goodwin, centre, 70 years old, had been at Hales for many years. Margaret Gray and Irene Taft are Women's Land Army girls. All three wear ...