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1st South Staffords in the Boer War, Port Elizabeth

This photograph was taken at Port Elizabeth during the Boer War. The British Army had recently changed the uniform colour to khaki, to better camouflage the soldiers in the South African landscape. ...

2nd North Staffords hoisting the flag, The Fort, South Africa

Through its history the Staffordshire Regiment has been involved in many campaigns and wars and has been stationed in many parts of the world. Formerly called the North and South Staffordshire Regiments, ...

2nd North Staffordshire Regiment leaving Southampton for the South African War

2nd North Staffordshire Regiment (98th) leaving Southampton for South African War on board S.S. Aurania January 1900.

Barrack's Yard, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Sir A.S. Haslam, Mayor and M.P., welcoming Newcastle Boer War veterans home.

Boer War New Year Card, Westhorpe, Stafford

New Year card sent by the Peach family, referring to the Boer War (1899 - 1902). This was one of two wars (the first was 1880 - 1881) fought by the British in South Africa against the Boer settlers. The ...

Captain Walter Norris Congreve

Ogden's British cigarette card, showing Captain Walter Norris Congreve (1862-1927). Walter Norris Congreve was the son of William and Fanny E. Congreve of Castle Church, Stafford. He served in the ...

Home coming of South African War volunteers, Market Place, Burton-on-Trent

The second of the Boer Wars ended in May 1902 after the Treaty of Vereeniging was signed by the British Government and the Boers. The peace treaty brought to an end the Transvaal and Orange Free State ...

Miss Beardmore's private school, Wolstanton

Peace celebrations at Miss Beardmore's School in Wolstanton. All the children are dressed in their best clothes to celebrate the end of the Boer War.

North Staffords in camp at Wellington, South Africa, during the Boer War

After the outbreak of the Boer War in 1899, the 4th (Militia) Battalion, North Staffords, was ‘embodied’ in January 1900 and arrived in South Africa in March, serving there until May 1902. For much of ...

Plum Pudding Opening, British Food Research Association

In 1958 Mrs. Lillian Astbury of Stone (left) donated a plum pudding to the British Food Research Association, based in Leatherhead, Surrey. It had been canned in 1900 for soldiers serving in the Boer ...

Quarry workers, Rudyard

Quarry workers removing a large stone from Whorrocks Bank quarry in 1887. It was later used as the stone for Rudyard's war memorial, installed for Queen Voctoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. It commemorates ...

Red Cross Volunteers, Eccleshall

Members of the Red Cross and soldiers in a field near Eccleshall Church. The Red Cross is an international organisation, founded according to the Geneva Convention of 1864, for the treatment of those ...

Second Contingent Tamworth Volunteers, Tamworth Castle Courtyard

The Second Contingent of Tamworth Volunteers, who served in the South African War during 1901, taken in the courtyard of Tamworth Castle. On the front row are, Col. Sergt. S. Pownell, Privates; W. Harvey, ...

Soldiers returning from the Boer War, Armitage

Soldiers walking with their horses towards the photographer along New Road, Armitage. They are possibly Staffordshire Yeomanry returning from the Boer War, via Armitage Station. This image is taken ...

Soldiers setting off to the Boer War, via Armitage

Soldiers on horseback riding towards the photographer along New Road, Armitage. They are possibly Staffordshire Yeomanry setting off to the Boer War, via Armitage Railway Station. This image is taken ...

Troops on board S.S.Aurania

1st South Staffords on board S.S. Aurania wearing their 'Cold weather' uniform. Embarking for the South African War, Southampton, March 1900.

Uttoxeter Volunteers on Salisbury Plain

Back row (left to right): unknown, unknown, Tom Hollins, George Stubbs, Jos Blore (a baker and confectioner), Tom Lunn, Jack Prince (a chimney sweep). Front row: Dido Prince, unknown, Jim Mottram.

Wounded soldiers, South Africa

Wounded soldiers from the 1st South Staffords, seen here in a church in Mafaling Basutoland, before beds were got from them, after the relief of Wakkerstroom.