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Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers at Blithfield Hall

The horn dance is an annual event which takes place on the first Monday after the first Sunday after the 4th of September . The tradition is believed to date back to 1226 when it was part of a three day ...

Bass & Co. offices Coronation decorations, Burton upon Trent

Lantern slide view of Bass & Co. offices on High Street decorated with illuminations for the Coronation of King George V. Copyright: Burton Library

Beacon Fire for Queen Victoria' s Diamond Jubilee, The Mount, Burton-on-Trent

This huge beacon of casks and timber on The Mount was one of many such fires lit at 10pm on Tuesday 22 June 1897, as part of the town's celebrations marking 60 years of Queen Victoria's reign. Earlier ...

Beacon Fire on the Bass Recreation Ground, Burton-on-Trent

A huge bonfire built up from layers of timber, with what look like old patterns on the top. The flag on top has been sketched into the picture after it was taken. The occasion is almost certainly the ...

Birchenwood Colliery, Kidsgrove

Miners from Birchenwood Colliery standing in front of a bonfire that was constructed to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII. The notice attached to the bonfire reads, 'E.R. Bonfire built by Birchenwood ...

Bonfire night, Stafford Folk Dance Club

Stafford Folk Dance Club celebrating bonfire night with members of Stafford Mountain Club, somewhere in the Stafford area.

Bonfire on Etching Hill, Rugeley

The bonfire was possibly made for Bonfire Night celebrations but given its size more likely for a royal celebration, perhaps George V's Silver Jubilee in May 1935 or George VI's Coronation in May 1937. ...

Bonfire, Elizabeth II's Coronation Celebrations, Eccleshall

Bonfire on Acton Hill, built to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The bonfire was eventually topped with the Union Jack flag. In the foreground stands Mr Challenor.

Campfire Hollow, Beaudesert

This postcard features a pencil sketch of a natural hollow in the Scout and Guide camp located in the grounds of the ruined Beaudesert Hall. It has been terraced to provide seating. The drawing is signed ...

Coronation Bonfire, Baswich, Stafford,

Bonfire to celebrate the Coronation of Edward VII.

George V's Coronation Celebrations, Stone

Bonfire at Mudley Pits on the Common Plot.

Guide Camp Fire, Kibblestone, Stone

Guides and Brownies from Stone and Eccleshall Districts at the Division Camp Fire at Kibblestone Camp. Leading the singing is Eccleshall District Commissioner, Mrs Joan Clarke.

Mr H.J. Bamford's coming of age, Uttoxeter

The ox roast at celebrations for H.J. Bamford’s twenty-first birthday. At 4am a fire was lit on Hockley Meadow to roast a bullock, balanced across two trestles. The carcass was cooked by 12.30pm, and ...

Notice banning the sale and use of fireworks in Burslem

The Burslem authorities get tough on firework and firearm abuse on Guy Fawkes' night, 1819 (Document owned by the Gladstone Pottery Museum, Longton, Stoke-On-Trent)

Penny for the Guy, Stafford

These boys found a novel way of persuading people to “spare a penny for the guy” before bonfire night on 5 November 1950. The boy on the right presses a switch on the battery he is holding and the guy’s ...