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Outdoor swimming pool under construction, Uttoxeter

Pool House, Trentham

This Art Deco House sat high on a hill above the open-air swimming baths at Trentham. It was built in 1935 at the same time as the Swimming Pool which opened on the 9th July 1935. Pool House was the ...

Pottal Pool, Cannock Chase

Looking out across Pottal Pool from the chalet. Pottal Pool Lido opened on 3 August 1933, offering bathing, light luncheons and teas. As well as swimming and diving facilities there was a paddling ...

Pottal Pool, Cannock Chase

Pictured sitting in front of the chalet at Pottal Pool Lido are Harold Foster and his daughter Doris. Harold Foster managed the gravel pit at Pottal Pool in the 1940s. Pottal Pool Lido opened on 3 ...

The Lido, Uttoxeter

The recently built open-air swimming pool with improved changing rooms, and a new water filtration system. This pool replaced an earlier pool which had been closed down due to worries about water pollution....

Trentham gardens outdoor swimming pool

The heated pool was built in the grounds of Trentham Hall, the former home of the Dukes of Sutherland. Recently the site has been re-developed as an exhibition, conference and leisure centre. The pool ...

Trentham Gardens swimming pool.

Trentham swimming pool was built in the 1920s in the Art Deco style, with angular lines complimented by sweeping curves and the extensive use of glass. The pool could be reached either by a pleasant walk ...

Uttoxeter swimming pool, Uttoxeter

View of the swimming pool, Uttoxeter

View of the swimming pool soon after it opened in July 1967.