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Edwardian Black Skirt

Edwardians preferred a simpler style, after the Victorians, with silhouette’s 'thinning'. For the first time in decades skirts were not exaggerated and were more natural in appearance. This skirt ...

Florence Parker-Jervis

Portrait of Florence Parker-Jervis, daughter of W.H. Scott of Tynemouth. Portrait of a woman, three-quarter length. She is wearing a black dress and a large black hat with a feather, probably mourning ...

Lady in Mourning Dress, Seighford,

Clothes and accessories worn as a sign of grief and respect for the deceased are known as mourning clothes. The tradition of wearing mourning reached its height in the Victorian period, but has been ...

Portrait of a woman

Head and shoulders portrait of woman wearing dark coloured dress, possibly mourning dress. Sitter and location unknown.