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Cannock Urban Council Steam Roller, Cannock

The Urban District Council yard was off Mill Street until around the 1920s. The picture could have been taken on any of the Tarmacked roads maintained by the Urban District Council.

Cannock Urban District Council roadworkers on the A5 at Bridgtown, South of Cannock

Council workmen standing with forks and steamroller while working on the roads. The bungalows in the background were built by the Urban District Council.

Corporation Depot, Lammascote Road, Stafford

These four well-groomed and bedecked horses are lined up at the Corporation Depot for the May Day parade, which was judged by Mr L C Hiner, Works Superintendent at the Depot. Left to right are: “Prince” ...

Councillors at a town twinning ceremony, Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter councillors, Bamfords representatives and members of the French delegation from Fumel. Back row: Roger Claypham, Jim Badgery, Un-named French delegate, Len Smith, Jack Kenny, Middle Row: Ruth ...

Long Service Awards and Christmas Dinner, Stafford Corporation, Stafford

More than 100 employees of Stafford Corporation attended their annual dinner held at the Civic Restaurant in Stafford, where the Deputy Mayor, Alderman L Dobson, expressed seasonal greetings and presented ...

Road works on Smithfield Road, Uttoxeter

A bull dozer can be seen levelling the surface with a steam roller just behind packing down the tar-mac.

Road works, Tamworth Street, Lichfield

Road works in progress with Amy Palmer's Dress Shop pictured on the left.

Sewer Workers, Stafford,

Sewage workers wearing protective clothing and breathing equipment. They are standing by a brick culvert.

Stafford Social Services Area Office,

Stafford Social Services Area Office on Lichfield Road. In 2020 these buildings are still standing and are on the north side of Lichfield road, between The Oval and St Pauls Church

Staffordshire County Council Weights and Measures Department weighing coal

Two trading standards employees checking the weight of coal at an unknown location using a deadweight scale and weights. Roger Constantine is the Trading Standards Officer on the left and Ian Baddeley ...

Staffordshire Weights & Measures Department testing a weighbridge

Staffordshire County Council Weights and Measures Department checking a 40 tonne weighbridge. Probably on coal board property in north Staffordshire. A weighbridge is a big scale set into the ground ...

Steam Roller, Burton-upon-Trent

Burton-upon-Trent Corporation steam roller and road mending crew.

Steam rollers in Bamford Street, Tamworth

A Tamworth Rural District Council steam roller, and work gang, with the Tar Mixer from 'Thompson and Southwick', presumably laying a road.

Street Cleaning Vehicle, Stafford,

Street cleaning vehicle on Corporation Street, opposite the Girl's School. Photograph donated by Stafford Historical and Civic Society, who retain copyright ownership.

Tunstall Town Hall, High Street, Tunstall

This grand building is Tunstall Town Hall in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. This plan shows the west side of the building and the words 'Peace', 'Happiness', 'Truth' and 'Justice' are written above the windows. ...

Uttoxeter District Council workers

Mr S.S. Proud (Surveyor) is in the centre of the front row.