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Auto Electrical Services, Wolverhampton Road, Stafford

Pictured is the Auto Electrical Services Garage facing the A449, Wolverhampton Road at the junction with Rickerscote Road. The garage specialised in electrical work and the English Electric Co. in Stafford ...

Autumn Manoeuvres on Cannock Chase

Miss Robinson's National Temperance League refreshment tent pictured with a Gypsy caravan during military manoeuvres at Etching Hill on Cannock Chase, Autumn 1873. Major-General Lyson's encampment ...

Eviction of Gipsies, Eccleshall,

In 1906 there were reports of 'German Gipsies' who had migrated from Prussia, who were travelling the country thieving and committing acts of violence. The police were forced to move them out. In ...

German Gypsies at Dove Bridge, Uttoxeter

A group of travelling German Gypsies at their camp at Dove Bridge, on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border, near Uttoxeter. They are probably part of a group of Gypsies who were travelling south across ...

Gipsy Encampment, Rough Close Common

Gypsy family and wagons, near Stramshall

A group of Gypsy women and children pictured at a camp, probably near Stramshall, Uttoxeter. On the left are two different types of van: nearest to the photographer is fine example of a Reading van and ...

Horsefair, Rugeley

A view of Horsefair, Ruugeley looking north-west towards the Globe Hotel. The man on the left appears to be carrying a window frame past a single horse and cart. There is a caravan, possibly belonging ...

Milford Common

A postcard view looking east along the Stafford to Rugeley (A513) Road taken near to the Green and the junction with Brocton Road at Milford. On the right is a Gypsy camp.

Miners with their caravans at Loxley Crossroads

In August 1995 two ex-coal miners from Hem Heath Colliery, Stoke-on-Trent stopped for the night at Loxley crossroads just off the A518, the Stafford-Uttoxeter Road. When they were made redundant ...

Ornately carved caravan by Orton, Burton-on-Trent

This Gypsy-style caravan is covered with ornately carved panels, and would no doubt have been painted in rich colours.

Southlands Estate, Blythe Bridge

The original estate was built in 1960, with a later addition of houses in the early 1960s, which doubled the size of the estate.

Wooden caravan by Orton & Son, Burton-on-Trent

A hand-crafted caravan with ornately carved panels and Venetian type blinds over the windows. It is parked outside Allsopps' Ale Public House, with the plaque of the maker's, Orton and Son, positioned ...