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Wedding Veil, 1920s

This veil is an example of a veil from the 1920s. Cap style veils were widely popular during this period as the Queen Consort Elizabeth (Queens Elizabeth II's mother) wore one when she was married to ...

Wedding Veil, 1930s

This veil was worn by Daisy Dean (nee Turnack) at her wedding in 1938.

Wedding, Cannock,

Marriage of Colonel Hease and Miss Barbara Richards at St Nicholas' Church, Cannock in the early 1920s.

White Wedding Handbag

This is a small drawstring handbag used for a wedding.

William and Violet Agnes Davis on their wedding day

They had three children and lived at Old Nurton Cottages, Nurton Hill Road, Pattingham.

Wolseley Family Hatchment

A painted hatchment from the Wolseley family. Hatchments were displayed on the outside of aristocratic homes after the death of a family member. They show coats of arms and other heraldic insignia. This ...

Woman with Baby, Stafford,

Ellen Elizabeth Knight with baby Vernon Chawner. A studio portrait by Weiss & Fowke, whose studio stood on Victoria Road.