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R.A. Officers with King George VI, Lichfield

King George VI is here pictured with Officers from the Royal Artillery North Staffs.

Royal Visit , Rugeley

Crowds lining the street on Horsefair waiting for Queen Elizabeth II to pass through Rugeley on her way from Shugborough to Lichfield, where she opened the new Saxon Hill School for the Handicapped. A ...

Royal visit at Trentham Hall, Trentham

A group photograph taken outside Trentham Hall by the local photographer Harrison. The group includes Edward Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales, Cromartie, Duke of Sutherland, Millicent Duchess ...

Royal Visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Birchenwood Colliery, Kidsgrove

King George V and Queen Mary visited Birchenwood Colliery on the second day of their tour of north Staffordshire. They had stayed overnight at Crewe Hall. Birchenwood colliery opened in the 1890s, ...

Royal visit through Betley, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This is a photograph of the cars carrying King George V and Queen Mary through the village of Betley during their tour of the north of Staffordshire on 22nd and 23rd Apri 1913. Betley was once an ...

Royal visit to Birchenwood Colliery, Kidsgrove

Children from Dove Bank School, Kidsgrove are pictured here lining the route awaiting the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Birchenwood Colliery.

Royal visit to Birchenwood Colliery, Kidsgrove

Royal Visit to Burslem, Market Place

Burslem Town Hall and Meat Market decorated for the visit of Edward, Prince of Wales

Royal Visit to Burslem.

Burslem market place, decorated with flags and bunting, awaits a visit from Edward, Prince of Wales. Not only were public buildings a show of patriotism; many shops and houses also went to great trouble ...

Royal Visit to Doulton Factory, Burslem

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This is a typical newsreel of a royal visit. This visit is in 1913. A very important visit of King George the Fifth and Queen Mary. It was only two years after the King’s coronation. At this time the ...

Royal visit, Royal Doulton, Burslem

King George V and Queen Mary visit the Burslem works of Royal Doulton on April 23rd 1913. A postcard view published by William Shaw.

Royal Visit, Swan Bank, Burslem.

Crowds line the pavements of Swan Bank, Burslem awaiting Edward, Prince of Wales. The gentleman in the clearing at the centre of the photograph would be the official photographer for the event.

Royal visits to the Reliant factory

Mountbatton is pictured here on the right viewing a Reliant Rebel, with Tom Scott, the Managing Director of Reliant, next to him. The lady pictured is Mountbatton's niece.

Royal Wedding event, Armitage

A children's party to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, pictured outside Armitage Women's Institute Hall. In this photograph are Mrs Wilson, Mrs June Rowley, Lee ...

Swan Bank, Burslem.

Postcard of Swan Bank, Burslem, from around 1920. In the background, behind the lantern is The Big House. The Big House was built in Burslem for John and Thomas Wedgwood in 1751. The decorations were ...

Swan Inn, High Street, Goldenhill

King George V and Queen Mary visited North Staffordshire on the 22nd and 23rd April 1913. Here the Swan Inn can be seen decorated for their visit, with crowds standing outside waiting to catch a glimpse ...

Tamworth Castle: woodcut engraving

'Tamworth Castle - Arrival of the Queen Dowager.' West view showing the bridge, the triumphal arch, and towers with flags flying and boats on the river.Taken from 'The Pictorial Times. London, Saturday, ...

The Duchess of Gloucester visits RAF Stafford

Following the success of the offensive that recovered Kuwait City and all the occupied territory, the Duchess of Gloucester is pictured preparing to unveil a commemorative plaque during her visit to RAF ...