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Carmountside Junior High School, Abbey Hulton.

The "New" front to Carmountside Junior High School with the clock tower on the north side. The school opened in 1938 as Carmountside County Secondary School. It was built on part of the site of Hulton ...

Cast of primary school play, Uttoxeter

The cast of 'Alice in Wonderland', pictured on stage. The name of the school is not known.

Catholic Youth Club, Stafford

Members of Stafford Catholic Youth Club meeting in a classroom at St. Patrick’s Secondary Modern School. Serving refreshments is the club leader, Miss Betty Osborne. The club met on Monday evenings with ...

Central Schools, Brownhills

Central Schools on the corner of Chester Road North and Pelsall Road, Brownhills. Designed by G.H.Cox in a Queen Anne style dating and built in 1893, the school housed both boys and girls until 1932 ...

Central Science School, Stoke-on-Trent. Photographed by William Blake.

View of the Central Science School, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The school was built in 1914. This is now houses Staffordshire University's Thompson Library on College Road.

Charterhouse school, Scholars Court

Lithograph print by Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979). Dimensions: height - 380mm, width - 530mm

Checkley School. Photographed by William Blake.

View of the Hutchinson Memorial School, Uttoxeter Road, Checkley, Staffordshire. It was built in 1879.

Cheddleton - 'Rock' Chapel and School: sepia drawing

'Rock Chapel and School near Cheddleton,' [now Wetley Rocks.] Showing a one-story school building (1843) and the tower of a chapel and two bays of a nave to the right, (1833-4).'J. Buckler.'

Chell Junior High School, Stoke-on-Trent

The playing fields of Chell Junior High School. Taken in May, the cricket season has just begun, with the practice nets in use. Chell County Secondary School on St Michael's Lane was built in 1940 ...

Children involved in a shopping activity, Christ Church School, Stone

This picture was taken in the Main Hall of Christ Church First School in Stone. It may have been a School Fair. Peter Ridgway is at the back next to the Post box. This is the outcome of a reminiscence ...

Christmas party, Flash Ley School, Stafford

These youngsters are waiting to start eating at their first Christmas party arranged for pupils of the new Flash Ley School, Stafford, on the afternoon of Monday 17 December. Please contact us if you ...

Church Eaton Schools

A postcard view of Church Eaton schools. These school buildings were built in the late 19th century and opened in 1900 as a combined school for boys, girls and infants. Construction of the main building ...

Church Lane, Oulton, near Stone

A view of Church Lane, Oulton, looking south-east with the village school on the right. Oulton School was built in 1863 and stood on Church Lane. the money to build it was raised by John Ford, vicar ...

Church Schools, Swynnerton

The former Roman Catholic School building on the main road through Swynnerton, just north of St. Mary's church. It was built in 1856.

Cicely Haughton School, Wetley Rocks

Westwood Manor was built for William Meakin the pottery manufacturer in 1875 and became a school in 1944 and was named after Enoch Haughton's wife Cicely.

Class B, Church Eaton School, Stafford

A class photograph featuring Class B of Church Eaton Primary School. The teacher in the front row is Miss Tildesley who taught in the school for 53 years. The headmaster, Mr. A. Booth worked in the school ...

Class group, Seighford School

Among the pupils in this photograph taken at Seighford School is Percy Breeze who is on the back row, second from the right. Seighford Council School was founded in 1874 has since been renamed Cooper ...

Class group, Seighford School

Among the pupils in this photograph taken at Seighford School is Vera Breeze who is on the front row of the group, third from left. Seighford Council School was founded in 1874 has since been renamed ...