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The wheelwright's shop, Cotes Heath

Tom Giles' wheelwright's shop which was across the road from the Cotes Heath Farm, on land which eventually became part of Nelson Hall playing fields. Tom Giles, farmer and blacksmith, was born in Farndon, ...

Thomas Alleynes Grammar School

Pupils of Thomas Alleynes Grammar School.

Thomas Alleynes School Choir

Timmis' Antique Shop, Stafford

This view of is Timmis' Antique Shop which stood on the corner of White Lion Street and Wolverhampton Road, along with a glimpse of Camden Place (on the right) on the Wolverhampton Road in Stafford was ...

Tittensor School Sports Day

At the front, bottom left is Richard Eardley and the blond haired boy second from right is Paul Booth. Standing behind them and wearing a black skirt is Cathy Tolley.

Toddlers at Biddulph Grange Orthopaedic Hospital

This cheery bunch of youngsters pictured in the hospital grounds, have all had their legs bandaged as part of their treatment for a range of illnesses including C.T.E.V. , C.D.H. (Congenitally Deformed ...

Townsend House, Sedgley

In the grounds of Townsend House, Sedgley, with Mrs Wilkes and her daughter Winnie, holding a doll. At the time this photograph was taken Townsend House was the home of George Frederick Wilkes (1866-1942) ...

Travel back to Joseph Clark Junior School, it's time for lunch!

Lunchtime at the Joseph Clark Junior School, now known as Tower View Primary School, Winshill, Burton upon Trent.

Tree Planting on Coronation Day, Uttoxeter

The tree planting near Park Street roundabout was part of the celebrations for the coronation of George V in 1911.

Trentham Gardens Lake. Photographed by William Blake.

A view of the lake at Trentham Gardens, Nr. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The estate was home and pleasure gardens to the Dukes of Sutherland from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century. ...

Trentham Gardens. Photographed by William Blake.

A family relaxing by the water at Trentham Gardens, Nr. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The Trentham estate was home and pleasure gardens to the Dukes of Sutherland from the seventeenth to the early ...

Trentham Hall and Gardens

The original Trentham Hall was built in the 1630s for the Dukes of Sutherland. The Caroline house was replaced in the early eighteenth century by one in a Classical style. Capability Brown and Henry ...

Trentham School Gardening Class

A group of school boys with gardening tools and their teacher, standing in a vegetable garden at the rear of Trentham School. There are some large cabbages to be harvested.

Tudor House, Cheadle

This building dates from 1558, except for the two storey end section of Sleigh's shop, which is a later addition. Before it became Sleigh's in the 1930s (until the 1950s), this part of the building was ...

Two boys dressed in costume for Rose Queen Festival, Christ Church School, Stone

Christopher Sandland and Tony Carter taking part in the Rose Queen Festival at Christ Church School, Stone. This is the outcome of a reminiscence session in which Year 4 pupils from Christ Church ...

Unidentified procession, Derby Street, Leek

The parade is either to celebrate the accession or coronation of George V, as the banner reads "God Save Our King and Queen".

Unknown Group and Location. Photographed by William Blake.

Lantern slide showing a market in a foreign location. It would appear to be one of a series of images captured whilst touring Egypt and Israel.

Unknown Landscape. Photographed by William Blake.

Unknown landscape.