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Wigham's Stores, Horse Fair, Rugeley

Wigham's Grocery and Provisions Stores, an image taken from a glass negative. The arch on the right was for deliveries and the posts in the foreground for tethering horses during the Horse Fairs. ...

Wigham's Stores, Horse Fair, Rugeley

Wigham's Grocery and Provisions Stores, an image taken from a glass negative. Wigham's Stores were located at 29 Horse Fair, Rugeley. The arch on the right was for deliveries and the post in the ...

William and Violet Agnes Davis on their wedding day

They had three children and lived at Old Nurton Cottages, Nurton Hill Road, Pattingham.

William Blake's House. Photographed by William Blake.

William Blake's house, Glentworth, Cobden Street, Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent. He lived at this house until his death.

William Buttler, amateur radio operator, Burslem

William Butler, photographed here in his mid-60s at his home in Waterloo Road, Burslem, was a keen amateur shortwave radio operator. William never used a microphone to contact other shortwave operators, ...

William Smith of Leek

Item from a Leek newspaper: SUDDEN DEATH.- William Smith, a well known character in the town, and who once occupied a respectable position in life, died suddenly on Wednesday morning. Owning to his ...

Wolverhampton - 'King Charles' Bed': woodcut engraving

'King Charles's Bed.' Showing a four poster bed. Anonymous.

Woman with Baby, Stafford,

Ellen Elizabeth Knight with baby Vernon Chawner. A studio portrait by Weiss & Fowke, whose studio stood on Victoria Road.

Women's Land Army Girl, Eccleshall,

The WLA began during the First World War to help combat food shortages and fill the vacancies left by the men who had entered military service. The women who enrolled had the option of working in agriculture, ...

Wood carving of Hippocamp, Stafford Castle

A winged horse or 'Hippocamp' oak carving which formed part of the panelling inside the Hall in Stafford Castle. The castle to the south-west of the town was built in the fourteenth century by Ralph ...

Woodcraft Folk, Annual National Conference, Stafford

The Mayor, Alderman C E Fowke is introduced to a Danish member (name unknown) of the Woodcraft Folk movement at the annual national conference, held for the first time in Stafford. Looking on left to ...

Wooden Doll

Wood has been used to make dolls for centuries. This is a fairly modern doll made in the later half of the 20th century

Wood-sorrel, or Oxalis acetosella

This common perennial occurrs in woods and hedgebanks, growing up to 15cm and flowering between April and June. This specimen was found in Cuckoo Cage Woods, Tatenhill, by local naturalist Don Brown ...

Works Dinner, Lotus Ltd., Stone

Employees of Lotus Ltd., Stone pictured waiting to start their meal at a works dinner in the Lotus Club. Seated at the table centre right is Miss Christine Williams (wearing glasses and a black dress). ...

World War II Evacuee's doll

Baby ‘John’ was an evacuee’s doll belonging to a little girl named Sheila. She was evacuated to the area to escape the bombs at Tilbury Docks. She lived with a family in Blythe Bridge and went to a ...

Young woman at The Red Lion, Sutton, near Forton

A young woman with a dog standing outside the front door of the Red Lion Inn at Sutton, near Forton. The licensee at the time was Richard E Parker. Photographer: Harry Osbourne of Woodseaves.