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Carnival float in Uttoxeter Parade

Uttoxeter's Public Baths' horse-drawn float. One man is in a barrel, another has a rubber ring around his neck, while a young boy sits in a dolly tub. Two other men look to be sitting in small tin baths....

Carnival float, Coronation celebrations, Eccleshall

'Ye Olde Eccleshall Boys' football team carnival float at celebrations in Eccleshall for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Carnival float, Gnosall

The St. Lawrence's School PTA (Parent Teacher Association) float entered as part of Gnosall's Carnival which had a mediaeval theme that year. In the background is the fire station tower. Standing, dressed ...

Carnival Float, Leek Carnival

This float was in the carnival in 1953 the Coronation year of QE II. The front represents an Elizabethan galleon and the back a QE II warship with the two halves manned by sailors and children from the ...

Carnival Float, Rugeley

Pupils of the Perry School of Dance are pictured on their ‘Swan Lake’ float which is preparing to leave Hagley Park field for a procession through Rugeley. The Swan was played by D Doran. Other swans ...

Carnival Float, Rugeley

This postcard view shows a decorated Co-op float which is promoting Ceylon tea and described as “From Ceylon to Rugeley”. Some of those taking part in this scene are holding wicker baskets of tea and ...

Carnival Float, Rugeley,

Carnival Float, Uttoxeter

A float from the 1925 Uttoxeter Carnival featuring Native Americans. A postcard view by G.S. McCann of Uttoxeter.

Carnival King and Queen on Dais, Market Square, Uttoxeter

The Carnival King is Ben Shaw. Standing to the left, wearing a chain of office is Alfred McCann, photographer, who was serving as Chairman of Uttoxeter Urban District Council that year.

Carnival King and Queen, Uttoxeter

Carnival King Ben Shaw and his Queen George Hodgkins.

Carnival King and Queen, Uttoxeter Railway Station, Uttoxeter

Carnival procession Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

A car decorated for Wolstanton Carnival containing children in fancy dress, topped by a child dressed as Britannia. This photograph was taken in Forster Street, Tunstall.

Carnival procession, Charles Street, Cheadle

The white building seen here in the background is the Bird in Hand public house in Tape Street. A shop can be seen on the left hand corner, that was known as 'Pyatts' in the 1950's and 1960's. The gap ...

Carnival Queen, Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter Carnival Queen in a Barouche. The photograph was probably taken at Uttoxeter Racecourse. Photographer: Alfred (1865-1943) or Gerald cCann (1897-1970) of Uttoxeter.

Carnival Queen, Uttoxeter

The Crowning of the Uttoxeter Carnival Queen, with her are her four ladies in waiting on a raised dias at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The Carnival Queen is Miss Eva Rock. Her ladies in waiting were Miss Maud ...

Carnival Queen, Uttoxeter

The 1935 Uttoxeter Carnival Queen, Miss Kathleen Jardine with the Rocester Queen (left) and the British Railway Queen, Miss Rubey Dovey (right). Photographer: Alfred McCann of High Street, Uttoxeter....

Carnival Queen, Uttoxeter

The Uttoxeter Carnival Queen, 18 year old Miss Kathleen Jardine with her four ladies-in-waiting on a dais at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The ladies-in-waiting were Miss O. Baxter, Miss G. Nash and Miss K. Waldron ...

Carving the Boar's Head, Swan Inn, Stone,

The Uttoxeter Guisers visited several public houses in Stone and performed the ancient Stone Mummers' play. The players are dressed in the traditional guisers costume (disguisers) of 'rags and tatters'. At ...