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Longton Fire Brigade.

Group photograph of Longton Fire Brigade. Taken in Union Square, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Taken from the Gladstone Pottery Museum Photographic Collection. This photograph is part of the collections ...

Lotus Shoe Factory Fire Brigade, Stafford,

Group portrait of Lotus Shoe Factory fire brigade. Lotus was originally named Bostock's and was founded in the eighteenth century by Thomas Bostock, a cobbler. His three sons started their own factories ...

Mayor Leason Thanking Firemen after Floods, Stone,

Mayor Philip Leason thanking the fire brigade for their hard work during the floods of August 1987.

Mayors Procession, George Street, Tamworth

In the procession are the Military Band, Brass Band, Fire Brigade, Police, and Girl Guides. Notice the excellent terracotta facade of Needhams, done by Gibbs and Canning, which is partly hidden by the ...

Mr Das Gupta, Stafford Fire Brigade

This formal portrait shows Mr S.L. Das Gupta, a member of Stafford's Fire Brigade wearing formal uniform. Mr Das Gupta was a fireman under Captain Alfred Ernest Haywood's leadership in the early 1930s ...

National Fire Service, Eccleshall

National Fire Servicemen outside the Fire Station on High Street, Eccleshall. Eccleshall Fire Station was erected in High Street in 1891. More recently, the building has been a hairdressing salon and ...

National Fire Service, Eccleshall

The Eccleshall National Fire Service is pictured outside Eccleshall Fire station after winning the Gretton Cup (first for large trailer pump drill) and the Shobnall Cup (third for light trailer pump) ...

Newcastle Fire Team, Barracks Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Photograph of Captain Bailey and fire-team in front of the Fire Station located at The Barracks on Barracks Road.

Newcastle Fire Team, The Barracks, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Photograph of the fire-team outside the Barracks with Mayor Richard Mellard and Captain Bailey.

Newcastle Fire-Team, The Barracks, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Photograph of the Fire Station at The Barracks on Barracks Road with part of fire-team.

Pageant Parade, Eccleshall,

Parade seen on High Street, possibly celebrating George V's Silver Jubilee in 1937. The sign reads 'Never Get There Fire Brigade'.

Party at Longton Fire Station

Stoke-on-Trent Fire Brigade staff and their families at a party held at Longton Fire Station, which stood near the junction of Uttoxeter Road and Commerce Street.

Peace Celebrations, Stone,

Peace Day on Granville Square. Peace Day celebrated the end of the First World War and commemorated those who had fought for victory.

Police v. Firemen football teams, Lichfield,

Public demonstration, Stafford Fire Brigade

A public demonstration of fire fighting techniques by the crew of the Stafford Fire Brigade. On the right is Captain Alfred Ernest Haywood, the Chief Fire Officer.

Pumping operations at Bees Lane Club, Rugeley

Fire Service pumping water from Bees Lane Progressive Working Men's Club and Institute after floods. A Rugeley Times photograph (courtesy of the Birmingham Post).

Rail Accident, Great Bridgeford,

Rescue operation after the derailment of a train. Spectators can be seen behind the wooden fencing on the right of the photograph. One of the first people that were at the scene of the accident ...

Reinstatement of the Wash Pit Railings, Eccleshall,

The Wash Pit, or Sheep Pool, on Church Street was a pond fed by a spring. After a fire at the church in 1868 the need for a water supply became apparent. In 1890 the Wash Pit was cleaned out and deepened ...