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Lichfield - Font in St. Mary's Church: sepia wash drawing

'Font in Saint Mary's Church, Lichfield,' showing a circular basin on a baluster shaft. Artist: 'J. B.,' [John Buckler.]

Lichfield - Font in St. Michael's Church: sepia drawing

'Font in St. Michael's Church, Lichfield.' Showing an octagonal font with shields on panelled sides, and fleurs de lis and roses below. One shield is marked W.C., 1669, and another with a cross flory ...

Stafford - Font in St. Chad's Church: sepia wash drawing

'Font in Saint Chad's Church, Stafford.' Showing a bowl and baluster type font [now superseded]. Artist: 'J. B.,' [John Buckler.]

Stafford - Font in St. Mary's Church: copper-plate engraving

Showing a font of quatrefoil plan (with bulges at the corners). There are carvings of animals between each bulge on the sides, and at the base of the font. No inscription shown.Marked 'at Stafford p.74,' ...

Stafford - Font in St. Mary's Church: sepia drawing

'Font in Stafford Church,' showing a Norman font of quatrefoil plan (with bulges at the corners), resting on carved beasts. Also showing part of an inscription of which on DISCRETUS is clear. Artist: ...

Still Life. Photographed by William Blake.

Still life including a parasol and various objects. Three books are open. The one on the right shows a picture of a public baptism. The one in the centre is called "The Life of Queen Mary." The ...

The Font, Checkley Church. Photographed by William Blake.

Church interior with a view of the early Norman font at St. Mary & All Saints Church, Church Lane, Checkley, Staffordshire.

Wolverhampton - Font in St. Peter's Church: sepia drawing

'Font in the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.' Showing an octagonal font [c. 1480] with carved images in niches below, and panels on the sides, showing on one side the ...