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Brereton Road, Rugeley

A view looking south-east along the A51 just past the railway arches in Rugeley, which is part of Brereton Parish. On the right, a little past Wharf Road, is an area which was know as 'The City' and beyond ...

Brewery workers at Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Group photo possibly taken in the Maltings, of men and women workers standing with sack trucks.

Bridesmaid's bonnet, 1940s

This is a child's bonnet that was worn for a wedding. It has the style of a Victorian 'poke' bonnet. It was worn by the donor Beryl Brindley (nee Hope) for her cousin Margaret's wedding. The wedding ...

Britannia's Address to her Fair Daughters - a radical call to women from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

Love of country is not sexual; in every age, in every country, it has warmed and animated the female breast... In the early 19th century, women were among the most forward-thinking political activists ...

Brocton Mission Hall,

The Mission Hall opened in 1891. The building was also used as a schoolroom. In 1951 the hall was dedicated to All Saints.

Bugler, Stafford area

Lantern slide showing a man in ceremonial livery holding a trumpet or bugle from which is hanging a banner with a coat of arms. Location unknown, but possibly Stafford area. There has been some water ...

Burton Cricket Team

Portrait of the players in their whites stood outside the club house.

Butcher's Shop Display, Eccleshall

This window display won first prize at the Smithfield Christmas Auction. Standing in the doorway is Mr W. Hart, the butcher. Mr Hart's brother kept a farm and supplied the shop with meat.

Butter Making Competition, Knightley,

Butter making competition at Gorse Farm. Mr and Mrs George Watson, who lived at the farm, are seated in the centre with their daughter May.

C Rennatt Top Hat, Newcastle-under-Lyme, c.1885-1910

Charles Rennatt was born in 1861 and on the 1901 census he is found to be living at 16 Red Lion Square, Newcastle-under-Lyme which is where we believe his shop was also located. He is listed as being ...

Caddick Adams family's nanny dressed as Queen Victoria, Newcastle-under-Lyme

The Caddick Adams family's nanny is here pictured dressed as Queen Victoria, for an unknown occasion.

Cartoon of Leek Urban District Council Elections, "Bravo Young Leek"

This drawing illustrates the elections race involving town councillors, where the younger man beats the older contestants. All of the men shown are real election candidates.

Cartwright (of Newcastle-under-Lyme) Pocket Watch

Clock-making in the midlands has a long and diverse history, with the earliest known clock to date from 1473. The area has since been producing various types until the mid nineteenth century. Numbers ...

Charley Pye, landlord of the Barley Mow, Milford

Charley Pye (1851-1927), seated on the right, was licencee of the Barley Mow in Milford, near Stafford, between 1884 and 1896.

Chaseley Road and Penkridge Bank Road, Rugeley

A view clearly recognisable today: Chaseley Road on the left joins Penkridge Bank Road, looking towards Rugeley. The current Chase Inn can be seen amongst the trees on the left. It had previously been ...

Chebsey Vicarage

Pictured are the duaghters of the vicar, Rev. Patterson. From left to right: Violet, Brenda and Mary.

Child’s Dress

This is either a plain underdress or used for nightwear. The dress is very plain with no noticeable details and is made out a fine woollen material.

Child’s Dress, c.1880-1900

Fine woollen dress, with an embroidered hem