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M. Ladougne with his Goupy Bi-plane, Bass Meadows, Burton-on-Trent area

Monsieur Ladougne standing in front of his aeroplane, wearing flying suit and woolly hat at Burton Aviation Meeting, 1910.

Model of a Farman Biplane at Lichfield Carnival

This model of a Farman Biplane appeared at the 1910 Lichfield Carnival (known as "The Lichfield Bower"). Flying Farman Biplanes, Frenchman Louis Paulhan and Englishman Claude Graham White had recently ...

Open Day at RAF Stafford

A Puma helicopter carrying an Air Portable Fuel Container (suspended from the helicopter) provides an aerial demonstration for the crowds of people during the 1987 Open Day which also featured the RAF ...

Open Day at RAF Stafford

The RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows fly in formation over RAF Stafford during the Open Day. A crowd of 30,000 attended the event which included a display in the arena from RAF St Athan gymnasts. ...

Paul De Lesseps during Burton Aviation week

The Burton Aviation week was staged at Bass's Meadow in Meadow Road, Burton. Paul De Lesseps was the son of the builder of the Suez Canal. De Lesseps flew a Bleriot monoplane at the meeting. On the ...

Paul de Lesseps in his Bleriot Monoplane, Bass Meadows, Burton-on-Trent area

Paul de Lesseps in his Bleriot Monoplane at the Burton-on-Trent Aviation Meeting, 1910.

Sydney Pickles & Bleriot monoplane at Burton

At the 1913 aviation meeting in Burton, Sydney Pickles won the prize for achieving the greatest altitude, 6,100 feet.