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Beresford Dale, River Dove

Watercolour painting by John Louis Petit (1801-1868). A view of limestone rock formations in Beresford Dale on the River Dove, on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border. Dimensions: width - 237mm, height ...

Biddulph - rural view: pen and wash drawing

View of a small wooden bridge over a stream with a waterfall.(See SV II.25a.) Artist: 'T.P.W.,' [Thomas Peploe Wood.]

Bilberry, or Vaccinium myrtillus

A common shrub of heath, moors and woods on acid soil. The bilberry can grow up to 30cm in height. This example was found growing at Penkridge Bank, Cannock Chase, in Staffordshire, by local naturalist ...

Birches Head Road, Caldon Canal, Abbey Hulton, Stoke on Trent

A view north east across the River Trent valley from the Birches Head Road bridge over the Caldon Canal. The buildings in the right centre were Abbey Farm in the 1960s, now Trent Country Club, with Redhills ...

Bird Vetch, or Vicia cracca

This perennial grows in hayfields, wet meadows, hedgerows and wood borders. It boasts a set of tendrils that cling to other vegetation. Flowering between June and August, its can grow to a length ...

Bishton Hall - Temple near Wolseley Bridge: sepia wash drawing

Showing a classical Temple in the grounds of Bishton Hall, with one pediment which has been erected over an arched channel [?boathouse], at the side of the river. Wolseley Bridge, with three arches ...

Bishton Hall, Colwich,

Bishton Hall was built by John Sparrow, a banker, in the late eighteenth century. When he died his daughter, Charlotte, added the two bowed blocks on either side of the main entrance. The hall is ...

Bishton Hall: sepia drawing

West view from Wolseley Bridge, with the three storied Georgian Hall in the distance. Artist: J. Buckler.

Bittersweet or Solanum dulcamara

Bittersweet, also known as Woody Nightshade is a perennial sprawling plant found in hedges and woods. Flowering between June and September, its stem can grow up to 1.75m in length. This example ...

Blurton Road and the Cockster Brook Bridge, Blurton

This is the view north along Blurton Road from Poplar Drive. In the centre of the photograph is the bridge that carries the road over the Cockster Brook (also known as the Longton Brook). The brook starts ...

Blythe Bridge and the river Blythe in flood

Blythe Bridge and the river Blythe in flood

Blythe Bridge and the river Blythe in flood

Blythe Bridge and the river Blythe in flood

Blythe Bridge and the river Blythe in flood

Boating on the River Sow, Stafford,

Photograph taken on the River Sow just downstream from the White Bridge. On the upstream side there was a boathouse, Stalls and Hamon, and later boats could be hired from the Royal Brine Baths.

Boating on the River Stour at Kinver

Boating on the River Trent, Colwich,

C.M. and W.R. Wolseley boating on the River Trent on the Wolseley estate. The Wolseley family had lived on the estate since Norman times. In the eighteenth century Wolseley Hall was rebuilt, but burned ...