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Women workers, Shobnall Bottling Stores, Burton-on-Trent

Women working at Shobnall Ale Stores, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Group of women working around a bottle filling machine in the Shobnall Ale Stores.

Worker at Bass Transport Department filling a 120 barrel road tanker, Burton-on-Trent

Workers at Ecton Creamery

Ecton Creamery and Cheese Factory occupied a converted smelting house associated with Ecton copper mines. The creamery closed in 1933, and the Leek and Manifold Light Railway which delivered to and collected ...

Workers at Shobnall Cask Department, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

This group of men, two wearing cooper's aprons, are standing on the Ale Dock at Shobnall Cask Department, with the Cask Washing Department in the background.

Workers outside the Joiners Shop, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

The brewery's Joiners' Shop, is now the Bass Museum.

Worthington & Co. staff, Burton-on-Trent

Worthington & Co. staff, 1891. Bottom row, left to right: J.J. Bound, G. Mayon, W. Smithard, R. Ingram, J. Coxon, Jnr Wilks. Second row: W.C. Buxton, J.P. Coulton, W.S. Dunwell, W.P. Manners, J. Green, ...

Worthington & Co.: Brewers, Maltsters and Chemists, Burton-on-Trent

On the back row are: J. G. Perkins, F. B. Linsey, Guy Rudgard, A. R. Evans, F. Buxton, W. Smith Middle row: ? Hornsey, J. H. Chumley, W. Seddon, R. C. Grimshaw, R. Tilbury. A. W. Robottom, J. Andrews, ...

Worthington Brewery Malt Stores

View of Worthington Malt Stores and Worthington No. 12 Malthouse, situated on the east side of High Street. Some railway wagons are visible.

Worthington Floater, Burton-on-Trent

A Worthington Floater outside an unidentified pub in Burton on Trent. The driver of the floater is standing next to the the horse's head wearing a white coat and cap, which has "Worthington" written on ...

Worthington Steam Loco No.16, Bass Engine Shed, Burton-on-Trent

Worthington Steam Locomotive standing in front of the Fire Station wall.

Worthingtons Ale Bank, Burton-on-Trent

View of Worthingtons Brewery and loading dock with railway wagons alongside. Burton High Street is behind the photographer.

Worthingtons Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

View of Worthingtons as seen from nearby water tanks.

Worthingtons Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

View of Worthingtons' buildings, with Steam Loco No. 4, shunters and loaders in the yard. Just behind are the hurdles placed over wagons to keep them cool in the yard.

Worthingtons Brewery, Burton-on-Trent.

View perhaps from the High Street crossing box. Men are loading wagons beside the Worthington Ale Dock, and a Worthington private wagon is visible sticking out from the run through the dock.

Worthingtons' Loco pulling wagons, Burton-on-Trent

In the background Brewery buildings can be seen on the right.

Yeast collecting vessels, Bass No. 1 Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

A row of yeast collecting vessels in No.1 Brewery, situated adjacent to the conical fermenters.

Yeast Press, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

A man operating the screw on a large yeast press in Bass' Conditioning and Chilling Plant.