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Bungalow on Cannock Chase, Brocton

This wooden bungalow stood next to what is now the site of the gravel pit at Brocton. It was originally built for a Canadian stationed on The Chase between 1914-1918. After the war, it was the home ...

Burton-upon-Trent - Derby Road: pen drawing

Showing a wagon and horses on the Derby Road. The end of the bridge is covered by trees. Artist: 'H. C. A.,' [Henry Curzon Allport].

Byrkley Lodge, Tattenhill

Postcard view of the east front of Byrkley Lodge with cattle and the Lin Brook in the foreground. Byrkley Lodge was rebuilt for Hamar Bass of the Bass brewing family between 1887 and 1891. Sir William ...

Calvary, Hawkesyard Priory, Armitage

This photograph shows steps leading up from the grotto to the area around the Friars' cemetery. Note the beehive in the foreground. The three crosses of the Calvary are at the top of the steps. Photographer: ...

Camp Road, Brocton Camp, Cannock Chase

This photograph shows a section of Old Camp Road, close to the Sycamore's where "S" and "T" Battalion Lines were laid out. In the distance is Chase Road where it meets the main road as it bends to the ...

Cannock Chase

A postcard view of a group of children on an outing to Cannock Chase. This postcard was published by the “Advertiser” Office, Cannock and it was printed in Germany. It was franked on 19 September 1908 ...

Cannock Chase

Silver birches and fir trees along a pathway on the Chase.

Cannock Chase

In the early 1980s Jake Whitehouse took photographs of views of where the Camps once stood. This one unfortunately does not specify its location and it is not possible to identify the view. It is more ...

Cannock Chase

A 'Teesee' series postcard published by Praill's, Couriers Office, Cannock and Hednesford. postmarked 9 September 1933. The exact location of this view is not known.

Cannock Chase

A car parked at side of road through a Forestry Commission conifer plantation on Cannock Chase. This is possibly Birches Valley at Marquis Drive, looking towards towards Rugeley. Postcard published ...

Cannock Chase views

Five views of the Cannock Chase landscape. The writer says he is "walking around half asleep" and comments on how nice the area is. As there is no mention of military service he may have been a civilian ...

Cannock Chase War Cemetery (Commonwealth War Cemetery)

This photograph was taken looking east across the Stafford to Hednesford road to the main entrance gates of the cemetery. This cemetery contains the graves of 24 British and 73 New Zealand dead from ...

Cannock Chase, Milford

Captioned 'View in woods looking south, Milford' it has not been possible to identify the exact location of this postcard view.

Cannock Chase, Milford

A typical Cannock Chase view of heath, bracken and trees, but because of tree growth over the last century it is not possible to identify the exact location.

Cannock Chase, near Colwich

A colour-tinted postcard published by W.H. Smith & Son, Greengate, Stafford. The exact location of this view is not known.

Cannock Chase, near Little Haywood

A colour-tinted postcard published by William Shaw of Burslem. Postmarked 3 July 1909.

Cannock Chase, near Little Haywood

A colour-tinted postcard published by William Shaw of Burslem. Dated 1910.

Cannock Chase, near the Camp, Rugeley

This postcard was published by W.H. Smith, Stafford, with a view of the Sherbrook Valley near Rugeley Camp, one of the two army training camps built during World War I.