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Doveridge Suspension Bridge and Doveridge Hall

A postcard view of the Suspension Bridge at Doveridge with a glimpse of Doveridge Hall in the background, taken from the Staffordshire side of the River Dove. The bridge was built in 1901. In 1946 ...

Lode Mill , Alstonefield

Wheelwrights tyring a wheel at Lode Mill, near Alstonefield, in the Manifold Valley. Lode Mill ceased grinding corn in 1929. In the same year, a joiners, undertakers and wheelwrights business was ...

Near Lovers' Leap, Dovedale

Pictured are a group of schoolboys on a day trip to Dovedale.

Norbury Bridge, Ellastone

Four horses in line hauling a timber drag across Norbury Bridge at Ellastone. They are passing over the River Dove, from the Derbyshire side into Staffordshire.

Norbury Bridge, Ellastone

Norbury Bridge over the River Dove, looking from Norbury on the Derbyshire side of the river towards Ellastone in Staffordshire.

Railway Tunnel, Shugborough

During the 1840s two railways were constructed through the park at Shugborough. To minimise damage to the landscape a large cutting was made to accommodate the line. Fences and trees were used to hide ...

The Red Nick at Eaton Banks, near Uttoxeter

A view of the River Dove running fast by sandstone cliffs known as the Red Nick at Eaton Banks, near Uttoxeter. Two girls are seated by the river bank. Photographer: Alfred McCann of High Street, ...

The Stepping Stones, Dovedale

Day trippers at the Stepping Stones over the River Dove, at the southern end of Dovedale.

The White Bridge, Rocester

A postcard view of the White Bridge over the River Dove at Rocester.

Thorpe Cloud and Dovedale

A view of Thorpe Cloud taken from the hillside above Tissington Spires on the Derbyshire side of Dovedale. In the valley can be seen day trippers and holiday makers at the Stepping Stones.

Viator's Bridge, Milldale

Viator's packhorse bridge, over the River Dove, links Milldale to Dovedale. Viator meaning traveller. Silks and flax were once carried across the bridge by packhorse from the nearby villages of Wetton ...