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Bass articulated lorries, Middle Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

Bass articulated lorries loading with palletised cask beer from the re-built Middle Brewery ale stores.

Bass brewery staff outing, Scarborough

A postcard view of Bass brewery staff pictured arriving at Scarborough Railway Station on a works outing to the North Yorkshire coast. Photographer: J.S.Simnett of Burton upon Trent

Bass Malt Vans, Bass Brewery,Station Street, Burton-on-Trent

Two Bass Malt Vans being shunted by a David Brown tractor mounted on bufferboards. In the background Steam Loco. No.4 is shunting a demountable tank wagon. These 2 all steel riveted bulk malt vans ...

Bass Museum Beer Engine Float moving down High Street, Burton-on-Trent

The float is moving towards the Market Place past Ellis and Barnaby Rudge. Crowds look on from both sides of the road. The procession is probably part of Burton Festival.

Bass Museum Heavy Horse Parade, Burton-on-Trent

Barry Coffen (Head Horseman at the Bass Museum) is driving the Mitchells and Butlers Dray in the parade. The dray is turning onto Station Bridge from Derby Street.

Bass Museum Shires and Dray, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Team of two Bass shire horses driven by Barry Coffen pulling the Bass Worthington horse-drawn bus. Bass Shire Horse Team 'bus' and the Joiners' Shop can be seen in the background.

Bass Museum vehicles, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

The photograph was taken from a cherry picker crane, showing the vehicles in the Bass museum collection including the bottle car and two Bass drays, one of which is pulled by two of the shire horses and ...

Bass No.1 Brewery Conditioning Tanks, Burton-on-Trent

Bass No.1 Brewery Racking Vessels, Burton-on-Trent

Two 400 barrel vessels inside No. 1 Brewery. They were originally installed with the tower fermentors as hot wort receivers, but are now used as draught Bass racking vessels.

Bass No.1 Brewery, bottom of conical fermentors, Burton-on-Trent

Bass No.1 Brewery, Fermentors, Burton-on-Trent

Bass No.1 Brewery, Mash Tun, Burton-on-Trent

Bass No.2 Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

A cross sectional diagram showing the functions of the brewery in 1864.

Bass Shobnall Ale Bank, Burton-on-Trent

looking along the north west face of the seven main Shobnall maltings with thousands of barrels stacked in front. This is where malting of barley took place. Within the Shobnall complex there was ...

Bass Steam Loco No. 2, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Bass Steam Loco No. 2 shunting a demountable tank wagon past the Joiners' Shop.

Bass Steam loco with Monty, Middle Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

Monty the Shire horse stands with a Bass worker alongside a steam locomotive.

Bass Steam Locomotives, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Steam locos outside the engine shed, with the Fire Station wall on the left.

Bass Tailoring and Clogging Department, Burton-on-Trent

The old tailoring and clogging department building now houses the Bass Museum Library and Education Department.