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Head Gardener, Shugborough,

Mr William McMurtrie was the Head Gardener at Shugborough from 1815 to 1836. He was born in 1781 and died in 1857.

Horace Roome at Salt Station,

Mr Roome was a footman at Shugborough Hall in the 1920s. He is seen here at Salt Railway Station on a day off work. Note the travel advertisements behind him.

Horace Roome, Footman at Shugborough Hall,

Mr Roome was a footman at Shugborough Hall in the 1920s. He is seen here in his livery.

Indoor and outdoor servants, Pendrell Hall

The outdoor servants standing from L-R are John Bright, gardener; George Picken, horse wagoner; Henry Roberts, cow man; Jack Barley, chaffeur; William Smith, gardener; Walter Worskett, coachman; Jack ...

Indoor servants preparing food, Patshull Hall, Patshull

The photographer was Bennett Clarke.

John Beech in his garden, Walton on the Hill

John Beech was butler to Sir Thomas and Lady Salt at Weeping Cross. After Sir Thomas died in 1904 Lady Helen Salt moved to the large house at the top of Walton Bank (The Rise), Walton on the Hill which ...

John Beech with Philip Husselbee, Walton on the Hill

John Beech, had been butler to the Salt family, on his retirement was a neighbour of the Dutton family in Walton on the Hill. Here is seen in his garden with Philip Husselbee, son of Edward and Laura ...

Joseph Gorse, Blythe Bridge Mill, Kingstone

Joseph Gorse at Blythe Bridge Mill Kingstone at the wedding of his grandson Ernest William Fisher to Elsie Bond. Joseph Gorse came from a long line of gamekeepers and was himself employed on the Sandon ...

Kitchen Boy at Shugborough,

Jim Bonshaw, Kitchen Boy, in the gardens at Shugborough. The post of Kitchen Boy was in effect a trainee Footman.

Kitchen Staff, Shugborough Hall,

Three kitchen maids with Mrs Grieve, the cook (far right), in the courtyard at Shugborough Hall. Janet Bailey is the second maid on the left.

Laura and Philip Husselbee, Gladys Bayliss, Walton on the Hill

Laura Husselbee (nee Dutton) and Gladys Bayliss with Laura's son Philip Husselbee on a rocking horse owned by John Beech. Mr.Beech, who had been butler to the Salt family at Weeping Cross and later to ...

Maids at Shugborough,

Elsie Hanson (Schoolroom Maid) and Maisie Stephens (3rd Housemaid) standing on the Laundry drying green at Shugborough. This is now the site of the restaurant at Shugborough.

Mr and Mrs Amies' Diamond Wedding, Stafford

Photograph taken at 'Inglewood', Rowley Avenue, on the occasion of Mr and Mrs Thomas Amies' Diamond Wedding anniversary celebrations. Mr Amies was Mayor of Stafford in 1889.

Omnibus with Driver and Groom, Ingestre,

Omnibus at Ingestre with horses, driver and groom.

Post Office Training Centre, Yarnfield

This photograph of a member of the house-keeping staff in one of the 1100 bedrooms at the Post Office Training Centre was taken by Stafford photographer Tony Boydon. The General Post Office Engineering ...

Servants at Pendrell Hall

Pendrell Hall was built in 1870 and originally called Pendryl Hall. The Gaskells moved to Pendrell Hall from The Birches in 1910 and remodelled the house and added the lodge. The Hall was purchased ...

Servants from Drayton Manor, Fazeley

A photograph thought to be of servants from Drayton Manor. Drayton Manor was the home of the Peel family and was built by Sir Robert Peel's father in about 1790. Drayton Manor was demolished in the ...

Slater Family and Domestic Servants, Stone,

Thomas and Emily Slater with their children Kathleen (aged 12) and Edward (aged 8) and servants. The family lived on Lichfield Road in a house now known as The Rectory. On retirement the family moved ...