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Victory celebrations, English Electric Co., Stafford

Female employees celebrate Victory at the end of World War Two in one of the typing pools on the Lichfield Road Site in Stafford; note the decorations and tin hats hanging on the wall. In later years ...

View of Barlaston and Meaford Power Station,

View of Meaford power station from Trentham Park. This is an artist's impression of what the power station would look like prior to its construction; the station came into operation in 1947. The majority ...

Water reclamation works, Uttoxeter

Construction of a sewage filter bed at the water reclamation works, close to the A50.

Waterworks Interior, Milford,

The waterworks pumping station was built at Milford in 1890. The reservoirs situated on the top of the Satnall Hills supplied water to Stafford and its surrounding districts.

Waterworks, Stone,

The waterworks were built in 1890 and supplied the whole town. The reservoir was on Red Hill. The buildings have now been demolished.

Workers and Military Band, Siemens Factory, Stafford,

Large group of female munition workers and military musicians outside Siemens factory. The photograph was taken during the annual hospital pageant and the band hold collecting boxes for Staffordshire ...