Page 13 - Pensioners

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Date:25th of March 1830 - 25th of March 1831 (c.)

Description:Nixon, Ann
Newton, Harriet
Norcop, Hannah's
Nixon, Job
Oakes, David
Orwell, Elizabeth
O'Connel, Mary
Pitchford, Charlottle
Pitchford, Margaret
Pedley, Sarah,
Pedley, Harriet
Proctor, Mary
Pepper, Martha
Parsons, Julia
Parr, Mary
Proctor, Hannah
Pitchford, Harriet and child
Proctor, Catharine's
Peake, Ann's
Rowley, Mary's
Ryles, George
Rogers, George
Robinson, Sarah,
Rogers, Robert,
Rathbone, Mary
Rhodes, Sarah,
Rushton, Hannah
Rowley, Elizabeth's
Reeves, Thomas
Sherratt, Sarah,
Spilsbury, Frances
Sherratt, Sarah
Scragg, Richard
Sicksmith, Martha
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Rosanna
Simcocks, Richard
Sherratt, late Jos's family

Pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood kept this document in his own scrapbook, which is now among the collections of Stoke-on-Trent Museums.