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Date:1830 - 1831 (c.)

Description:Unmarried women who fell pregnant in the 1830s found it difficult to gain acceptance in the community.

Though this remained a taboo subject for many years, some limited support was available from the parish via the workhouse.

Amounts varied from 3 to 4 shillings per fortnight. However, three mothers had died recently, while two were admitted to the workhouse - a last resort for the poor.

This page records the names of some of the mothers in 1831, and the sums paid out, mostly to support one child.

  • Mayfield, Ann;

  • Morris, Eve, of Stoke;

  • Napper, Barbara, of Chell, 2 children;

  • Napper, Barbara, Ditto;

  • Nixon, Sarah, of Tunstall;

  • Oakes, Mary, of Chell;

  • Oakes, Ann, of Mow;

  • Oakes, Elizabeth, of Burslem;

  • Oakes, Ann, of Chell;

  • Proudlove, Ann, of Tunstall;

  • Pepper, Sarah, of High Lane, 2 children;

  • Pepper, Sarah, Ditto;

  • Rowley, Ann, of Apedale;

  • Ray, Sarah, of Wolstanton;

  • Rushton, Sarah, of Tunstall;

  • Rowlason, Ann, of Kidsgrove;

  • Roylance, Sarah, of Tunstall;

  • Rushton, Sarah, Ditto;

  • Sale, Ellen, of Chesterton;

  • Sutton, Ann, of Goldenhill, 2 children;

  • Salt, Catharine, of Ashton-under-Lyne;

  • Sutton, Sarah, of Brieryhurst, 2 children;

  • Smith, Sarah, of Tunstall;

  • Sutton, Ann, of Goldenhill;

  • Sutton, Sarah, of Brieryhurst;

  • Simcock, Elizabeth, of Tunstall;

  • Stanaway, Ann, of May Bank;

  • Stanaway, Harriet, Ditto;

  • Stanior, Elizabeth, of Mow;

  • Turner, Sarah, of Tunstall;

  • Taylor, Ann, of Congleton, 2 children;

  • Tunstall, Ann, of Chell;

  • Taylor, Ann, of Congleton;

  • Turner, Hannah, of Burslem;

  • Venables, Hannah of Redstreet;

  • Williams, Maria, of Tunstall;

  • Wakefield, Elizabeth, Ditto;

  • Wilkinson, Ann, of Tunstall;

  • Ware, Mary, of Knutton;

  • Washington, Sarah, of Newcastle.

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