Page 5 - Casual Relief List

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Date:25th of March 1830 - 25th of March 1831 (c.)

Description:Frost, James
Gleaves, Thos. and Hannah
Gibson, James
Goodwin, Joseph
Gater, Richard
Green, Hannah
Goodwin, Ann
Goodwin, Mary
Gregory, Samuel
Hulme, William,
Hancock, Eliza
Hibberts, Maria
Hall, Mary
Horton, Everett
Hodgkinson, Joseph
Hughes, William
Hancock, Catherine
Hollinshead, Ralph
Holland, James
Hill, John
Hitchinson, Ralph
Heath, Thomas
Hopkins, Dan's family
Holmes, Joseph
Hancock, Mary
Hughes, Mary
Heath, Hannah
Handley, Samuel
Hulse, John
Heath, Mary
Hall, John's family
Hand, Patrick,
Hobson, Thomas
Jeffries, Thomas
Jenny, John
Johnson, William
Johnson, Elizabeth
Jones, Thomas
Jervis, John
Jameson, Sarah
Johnson, William's family
Jones, Charles
Kirkham, Samuel
Knapper, William
Kinsey, Elisha
Kinsey, George

Pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood kept this document in his own scrapbook, which is now among the collections of Stoke-on-Trent Museums.