Berkswich Church Fete, Milford

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Date:15th of June 1957

Description:This little side-tank engine made frequent trips up and down the line during the Berkswich Church annual fete held on Milford Hall Cricket Club. It was a very hot day (over 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and there was a record attendance. The fete raised £360 for Church funds. Please contact us if you recognise anyone in the photograph.

The Vicar the Rev. W Merlin Davies introduced Mrs G T Watwood who opened the fete. A bouquet of pale pink carnations was presented to her by four year old Stephanie Allison-Beer. The gardens of Milford Hall were also open to the public and Boy Scouts ferried children around the lake in a small rowing boat.

Brocton Stallholders: Miscellaneous: Mrs G Waugh, Mrs P Rowe, Miss D Buttery, Mrs W Mayger, Mrs F Harvey, Miss N Nesbitt, Mrs C Todd, Mrs F Williams, Mrs G W R Hearne, Mrs G Boydell, Mrs R Owen, And Mrs R Goode. Baswich Working Party: Mrs M Locker, Mrs A F Stubbs, Mrs D Dillon-Browne, Mrs E Heydon, Mrs A Prebble. Walton Working Party: Mrs F Price, Mrs M E Riches. Farmers’ produce: Mrs P C Smith, Mrs W H Hudson, Mrs N Lewis and Mrs R S Caswell. Household: Mrs W E Streete, Mrs G T Watwood, Mrs A Gardiner. Bran tub: Dr K D Arnsby, Mrs A E Haupt. White Elephant: Mrs J S Grant, Mrs F M Heath, Mrs J F Amery, Mrs Bernard Wilson. Cakes: Mrs W Merlin Davies, Mrs J K Lightfoot, Mrs R Silvester, Mrs Young, Mrs B M Allday, Mrs Townsend, Mrs Mayer, Mrs C Parker, Mrs A E Elton, Mrs R W Arrowsmith, Mrs P Phillips, Mrs Rabe, Mrs M Allison-Beer (Mothers Union and Young Wives Groups representatives). Sunday school stall and hoop-la: Miss M A Tagg, Miss A Clarke, Miss H Sturland, Miss E Smalley and Miss B Bennett. Milford sweet stall: Mrs A Thompson, Mrs F Lloyd and Mrs H Pierce. Books: Mr H A Locker. Supper tray: Mrs G F Haszard and Mrs G N Gabell. Treasure hunt: Mrs B Palmer. Bowling for chicken; Mr G Brew, Mr F Williams. Quoits: Mr and Mrs J W Bateman and family. Darts: Mr and Mrs A J Holford. Penny-in-the-bucket: Edward Laidlar and Richard Young. Croquet: Maxwell Morris, David Allday and Roderick Bentley. Clock golf: Mr L Heydon, Mrs C E Hurd. Roll-a-penny: Mr R Payne and Margaret Payne. Lucky straw: Catherine Payne. Railway and station staff: Mr Harry Brittain, Mr G Nowell-Gosling, Mr D Edwards, Mr N J Leigh, Geoffrey Smith and Martin Parker. Boats and boating staff, under Sea Scout David Harvey: Rod Hammerton, Neil Ralphs and members of the 13th Stafford (Berkswich) Scouts. Lucky draw: Mrs Margaret Jones, Mrs H Bozon. Tape recorder: Mr J S Grant. Ices: Mrs M Brammer (Berkswich Girl Guide Captain), Mrs E Fuggle, Susan Collier, Pamela Lister, Sharon Fuggle, Marilyn Luscombe, Betty Looker, Judith Cupper, Catherine Black and Margaret Brammer. Teas and buffet: Mrs E M St. John Jones and W.I. helpers. Gate stewards: Mr T W Davies and members of the Church of England Men’s Society. Fete managers: Mr G T Watwood and Major G Waugh. Treasurer, Mr R F Mugford, Secretary, Mrs M N Jones.

Competition winners included: Iced cake, Mrs Mayer, Groceries, Mrs Hardwick and Bottle of sherry, Mrs J M Ferguson.

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