Sewer map of Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Date:1850 - 1860 (c.)

Description:This map shows all the drains and sewage system for Newcastle-Under-Lyme. It was commissioned by the council after a new law was passed by the Board of Health forced the council to build new drains after the cholera outbreak in 1849.
It shows Knutton Lane, Fletcher Street, Upper Green, Bridge Street and Liverpool Road.

In 1849 of a population of around 10,000 more than 1,700 fell in with cholera with 234 dying of the disease. This was recorded as one of the highest rates of the disease in the country. Sadly about 150 of the victims were buried in unmarked graves. Sanitary conditions in Newcastle were poor at the time. Some houses in Market Lane had no back door or privy and the chambers pots had to be carried through the house to be emptied.

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