Plans of the Parish of Wolstanton (Wolstanton Tithe map), Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Description:Tithe maps were drawn up following the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. Traditionally tithes were a local payment in kind of one tenth of the produce of land and levied for the upkeep of the local church and clergy.
A landowner would therefore give the incumbent of the parish church corn, wool, wheat, etc.
By the start of the 19th century there was a wide variation in the method and level of payment of tithes across Britain, this caused disputes.
The Act was brought in to replace payments in kind with a rent-charge levied in accordance with the value of land and in proportion to the price of corn.

These maps show the Parish of Wolstanton in 1841.
The Parish of Wolstanton took in a wide area and included Tunstall, Apedale, Dimsdale, Kidsgrove, Mow Cop, Red Street, Chesterton, Knutton, May Bank and Wolstanton.

Look carefully and you will see that the fields on our tithe map are numbered. These numbers would relate to the ‘apportionment’ document that would have accompanied the maps (sadly we don’t have a copy of this).
The apportionment would record the acreage subject to tithe, the names of all tithe owners, their tenants and the rent-charge due on each plot.

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St Margaret's Church, Wolstanton
St Margaret's Church, Wolstanton

Watercolour by John Whessell with the church in the background and the graveyard ...

A polite encounter, Wolstanton
A polite encounter, Wolstanton

A watercolour by R.M. Colley, looking towards St. Margaret's Church, Wolstanton. ...

Wolstanton postcard,Newcastle-under-Lyme
Wolstanton postcard,Newcastle-under-Lyme

Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Wolstanton County Grammar School was opened in 1928