Document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook - For bringing about a General Peace

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Date:27th of January 1813

Description:Terminating a war fatal to the true interests of our country

In 1813 Great Britain was in the midst of war with France and the US.

The effects on trade were catastrophic. The workers and manufacturers of the Potteries were suffering greatly as a consequence.


This document outlines the resolutions of a meeting in Hanley, where it was decided to petition the government in order to establish a General Peace with France and the US.

The petition statement is included for approval.

The Humble Petition

Through the petition many local industrialists and businessmen plead with the House of Commons to consider a different course.

They complain that their products have been excluded from "their accustomed markets for nearly five years."

This, they say, has led to widespread poverty.

The petition statement suggests that the situation in Europe could be resolved diplomatically, as Great Britain now had some advantages over France after their losses during a failed invasion of Russia.

It is clear from the document that people had reservations about going to war with the US, not only because of the effect on trade, but also because America was seen as a people connected with us by blood and similarity of manners, using our language, and inheriting our principles of freedom.

About this document

This document was made by Allbut and Gibbs Printers in Hanley. It was collected by local industrialist Enoch Wood and is now among the collections at Stoke-on-Trent Museums.


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