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Worthington & Co.: Brewers, Maltsters and Chemists, Burton-on-Trent

On the back row are: J. G. Perkins, F. B. Linsey, Guy Rudgard, A. R. Evans, F. Buxton, W. Smith Middle row: ? Hornsey, J. H. Chumley, W. Seddon, R. C. Grimshaw, R. Tilbury. A. W. Robottom, J. Andrews, ...

Worthington Floater, Burton-on-Trent

A Worthington Floater outside an unidentified pub in Burton on Trent. The driver of the floater is standing next to the the horse's head wearing a white coat and cap, which has "Worthington" written on ...

Worthingtons Brewery, Burton-on-Trent.

View perhaps from the High Street crossing box. Men are loading wagons beside the Worthington Ale Dock, and a Worthington private wagon is visible sticking out from the run through the dock.

Worthingtons' High Street Office, Burton-on-Trent

The Town House decorated all over with flags and Orton and Spooner carvings for the coronation of Edward VII. Originally the coronation was planned for June 26th 1902, but the King was ill with lumbago, ...

Wounded soldiers at a nursing home, Uttoxeter

Soldiers in inactive service uniforms are seen being entertained in the garden of Eversley, a large house on the Bramshall Road, belonging to T.S. Wilkins.

Wounded soldiers at the Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Brindley Village

The hospital was formerly called the Military Hospital. Among those pictured the only person to be identified is Sister Jessie Price who is seated at the front. The hospital was built for World War ...

Ye Olde Plough, Stone Lane, Kinver

Ye Olde Plough was demolished in 1996-7 to make way for housing.