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Women's hat

A brown felt hat with the brim turned up at the front and fastened with a decorative white metal clasp. It was purchased and worn by the donor in Stafford in the early 1980s.

Women's hat, 1930s

A wool hat with tan silk lining. Tan ruched fabric band with bronze sequin detail. Worn by a Stafford woman.

Women's hat, 1950s

Lilac fabric women's hat with a broad brim. Raffia trim around the brim. maker's initials on label on inside: 'R B'. Purchased by donor in Stafford.

Women's hat, late 19th century

A cream silk hat with long cream ties, decorated with artificial flowers and foliage. It belonged to Mrs Helen Mayne of Queensville, Stafford.

Women's hat, late 19th century

A blue and black velvet hat decorated with blue ostrich feathers. t has long blue silk ribbon ties. From Burton-upon-Trent.

Women's hat, late 19th century

A black net hat trimmed with grey, black and white ostrich feathers and a black velvet bow. There are also sprigs of heather made from fabric and feathers. The hat belonged to Miss Kathleen Simms of ...

Women's Institute Fete, Uttoxeter

An audience of mainly women, some seated some standing, listening to a speaker on the right, at an event. This is believed to be the Uttoxeter Women's Institute Fete held in the grounds of the Girls' ...

Women's Institute Market, Leek

A group of Women's Institute members posing in front of their stall in Leek market in 1982. A charter was granted by King John to the Earl of Chester in 1207 giving permission to hold a Wednesday market ...

Women's Land Army girl, Uttoxeter

A studio portrait of a Women's Land Army girl. Please contact us if you can identify her. Photographer: Gerald McCann of High Street, Uttoxeter.

Women's shoe

Women's shoe (right) manufactured by Lotus Ltd., Stafford size 5 1/2 (right). Yellow leather uppers and heel, black composition sole and heel. White leather decoration on front of shoe. Heel rather large. ...

Women's shoe

Women's heeled shoe manufactured by Lotus Ltd., Stafford. Chinchilla grey leather with 3 5/8" heel and brown, green and red chiffon rosette. Label inside 'Lotus'. Number stamped on sole: 'A8733'.

Women's shoe

Lady's shoe manufactured by Lotus Ltd., Stafford, white leather uppers and heel, beige leather sole. Pointed toe design with square end. Leather strap decorating the front of the shoe. Bottom inside lining ...

Women's shoes

This pair of green women's shoes has a bar and button fastening and was produced in the 1920s. They are made of either genuine lizard skin or an imitation in calf skin. The shoes are lined with leather ...

Women's shoes

This pair of sling back shoes is made from plastic and was manufactured by Lotus Ltd, Stafford. The upper has a squared toe and the vamp is made up of six alternating chevron stripes in black and white. ...

Women's shoes

This 'Jenny Wren' box contains a pair of size 5 shoes. Produced in the 1920s, they are lined with leather and linen and decorated with a contrasting, hole punched cream leather around the throat. The ...

Women's stays, 18th century

A pair of women's stays from the second half of the 18th century. Stays were the predecesser to the corset and were worn as a supporting undergarment. This pair has a linen lining with a silk front decorated ...

Women's summer dress

Cotton summer dress with yellow and green rose printed pattern. From Gnosall.

Woodcraft Folk, Annual National Conference, Stafford

The Mayor, Alderman C E Fowke is introduced to a Danish member (name unknown) of the Woodcraft Folk movement at the annual national conference, held for the first time in Stafford. Looking on left to ...