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Cask repair shop, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Three coopers driving hoops, surrounded by casks and hoops.

Celebrating a cooper's 21st birthday, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Coopers standing in the Middle Yard, with the boilerhouse in the background. The two young men on the front row were celebrating their 21st birthdays, as shown on the cask head which they were holding. ...

Central Racking Room construction, Middle Brewery, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Alterations taking place at the Middle Ale stores, including the construction of a canopy on the side of the stores. In the background on Station Street is Grants of St. James' building.

Charles Bunting Ltd., Brewery, Uttoxeter

An advertising plate for the company showing the premises from High Street.

Checking casks in the ale stores, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

Mr L.J. Ward using a forked peg extractor to change the pegs in casks during secondary fermentation in the ale stores.

Chilling plant, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

A man opening a valve to one of a row of large tanks in the chilling plant.

Clarence Street Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

After the death of Peter Walker, the brewery's founder, the business was managed by trustees.

Clarence Street Maltings, Burton-on-Trent

The frontage of Clarence Street Maltings showing the goat vane over the kiln.

Conditioning Tanks, Joule's Brewery, Stone

Conditioning tanks were where the beer had a controlled fermentation, and carbon dioxide was absorbed prior to bottling or tanking. Joules produced Stone Ales for the home market and for export to ...

Construction of No.1 Brewery, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

View of the site from the boiler plant, looking towards Station Street.

Construction of the Tower Maltings, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

View showing the main tower nearing completion, with a tower crane on the left. Neither the top section or the interior have yet been built.

Control panel, No. 1 Brewery, Bass, Burton-upon-Trent

Graham Preece working at the control panel in No. 1 Brewery

Cooper at work, Burmans Cooperage, Dallow Street, Burton-On-Trent

The original firm was called J. Burman & Son, Hawkins Lane, Burton-On-Trent. It was a cask repair firm only. In 1939 they took over J. Grout & Co., Dallow Street Cooperage, which was a firm somewhat run ...

Cooper branding casks, Bass, Burton-on-Trent

One of the Bass coopers in No.2 Brewery, branding a row of casks which look like re-makes. Behind him is a beck iron and to the side are a pile of hoops.

Cooperage, Joule's Brewery, Stone,

Joule's Brewery had its own cooperage where beer casks were made. The site is now the car park of the Crown and Anchor Inn. In this photograph barrels are being repaired. Francis Joule came into ...

Coopers' Initiation Ceremony, Joule's Brewery, Stone

This ceremony was known as 'trussing the cooper'. The newly qualified cooper was placed in a barrel, which he had made himself. The barrel was then filled with a mixture which contained soot, feathers, ...

Copeland Street, Stoke-on-Trent

Copeland Street was a hive of activity in 1928. There were many businesses on this road, including Keelings timber merchants and Samuel Allsopp & Sons Brewery. The chimney to the right of the picture ...

Cross Street Brewery, Burton-on-Trent

The brewery was also known as 'James Eadie's', after the firm's founder.