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Bamfords decorated for a Royal visit, Lichfield

Bamfords occupied this site in Market Street from at least 1896 to around 1912. The building is here seen decorated, possibly to celebrate the coronation of Edward VII.

Bamford's Grinding Mill

A Bamfords 'Rapid' Grinding Mill. Although some farm animals can eat whole grain, it is more usual to crush it first. The grain is fed into the wooden hopper at the top and passes between two iron grinding ...

Bamford's root cutter

A root cutter made by Bamfords Ltd of Uttoxeter. Root cutters were used to chop turnips into slices suitable to feed farm livestock. This model is hand operated and was used at Drift Farm at Moira (in ...

Bamford's root cutter

A root cutter made by Bamfords Ltd of Uttoxeter. Root cutters were used to chop turnips into slices suitable to feed farm livestock. This model was collected from Bamfords factory and was belt driven, ...

Bamfords swath turner detail

Close-up showing mechanism of the swathe turner's rotating tines.

Bamfords swathe turner, model SC4

The swathe turner was used to turn the hay after it was cut to ensure it dried evenly and quickly. This Bamfords model SC4 swathe turner was originally horse-drawn but has been adapted for use with a ...

Bamfords Triumph potato digger

The Triumph Potato Digger, manufactured by Bamfords of Uttoxeter, was an improved version of the potato spinner. The potato spinner damaged many of the potatoes it was lifting. The Triumph was much ...

Bamfords Yard, Uttoxeter

This photograph is taken from the old railway bridge showing Bamford’s bailers waiting to be delivered. Bamfords was founded in 1871 in Uttoxeter by Henry Bamford and made water pumps, taps and agricultural ...

Bar cultivator

A horse-drawn single bar cultivator. Cultivators are used, like hoes, to keep control of weeds between crops. This model is unusual in that it has a single horizontal bar instead of pointed tines to ...

Bill of sale, Frederick H. Burgess, Stafford

A Frederick H. Burgess bill of sale, Green Bridge Works, Stafford. It itemises the supply of Albion mower poles, etc. to Mr Lockley. Frederick H. Burgess founded his ironmongers and agricultural ...

Bill Russell ploughing at Pasford Mill Farm, Pattingham

Bill can be seen ploughing with a Nuffield tractor.

Bill Russell, Doug Lane and Howard Rogers at Pasford Mill Farm, Pattingham

The cart's wooden wheels have been converted to using pneumatic car wheels.

Bill, Woodroffe & Co., Rugeley

Bill of sale for Cap for C. cutter pattern purchased from Woodroffe & Co's Albion Works, Rugeley by F.H. Burgess of Eccleshall. Woodroffe & Co were agricultural engineers. Frederick H. Burgess founded ...

Binding at Tan House Farm, Pattingham

Pictured left to right are Stan Bentley, Jack Titley and Bill Titley. The binder cut the corn and sent out the sheaves ready for collection.

Blacksmiths at the Staffordshire County Show, Hopton

Since 1958 the County Show has been held at the purpose-built County Show Ground at Hopton, on the outskirts of Stafford.

Boar fold, Whitemoor Hay, Alrewas

An Essex boar in a boar fold with serving yard at Mr F.W. Foden's farm at Whitemoor Hay, near Fradley and Alrewas. Photographer: Gerald McCann of High Street, Uttoxeter.

Broadcasting Fertiliser, Rodbaston, Penkridge

Mr J.W. Prince broadcasting fertilizer by hand during the Young Farmers section of the National Farmers Union skilled competitions at Rodbaston in 1934. Taken at the Staffordshire Farm Institute, Rodbaston ...

Building a haystack

Men and women at work building a haystack, possibly in the Trentham or Longton area. Please contact us if you recognise this view. This photograph is one of a collection of 20 glass negatives by an ...