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Whyte Brothers Garage in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

Joe Hare is one of the men in this photograph.

Wolverhampton Road, Cannock

A view of Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, looking towards the Market Hall. On the extreme left can be seen the sign for James Bond, motor car retailer. The lorry is probably a Model TT. The postcard ...

Workshop at Police Headquarters, Friars Terrace, Stafford

Terry Godridge and Eric Powell checking over an engine in the garage at the Police Headquarters on Friars Terrace, Stafford. Behind them are two Jaguar MkII 3.8 patrol cars. The police car on the ...

Yarnfield Garage

This photograph was taken during the short period in which Yarnfield Garage sold petrol.

Ye Olde Mill Cafe, Alton

The mill building was turned into a cafe some time after the mill closed c1932. The premises was also used as a petrol station for many years, which meant it was a convenient stop-off place for visitors ...