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Date:24th of November 1943

Description:The English Electric Co. commenced the manufacture of the all-welded “Comet” tank after receiving a contract for 200. The “Comet” a descendant of the “Cromwell” had heavier armour and a more powerful gun. For the purpose of welding the hulls and turrets the Company designed and built a number of handling machines, the largest of these “manipulators” was capable of holding the complete hull and turning it to the required position for each of the welding operations to be efficiently performed.

During World War II, the English Electric Co. Ltd placed its accumulated experience and engineering organisation at the disposal of the Government and manufactured equipment that would be vital to the defence programme.

The Stafford factory was renowned for its electrical products including generators, transformers and switchgear and throughout the war years continued to receive contracts for many of these items. In addition the factory became involved in the production of parts and final assembly of Armoured Vehicles which included the Covenanter, Centaur, Comet and Cromwell tanks.

Acknowledgement: The War Diary of The English Electric Company LTD. 1938 – 1945.

Additional information:-
Siemens Brothers purchased the land in 1901 and built the factory and offices which were ready to start production in 1903. In 1918 Siemens merged with several companies, including Dick, Kerr and Co., to become the English Electric Co. Two years later in 1920, The English Electric Co bought the Stafford Works. The English Electric Co merged with GEC (The General Electric Company) during 1968 and the Lichfield Road Site became part of GEC Power Engineering Ltd. On 22 March 1989 became part of GEC ALSTHOM, an Anglo French Joint Venture. On 22 June 1998 became part of ALSTOM with global HQ in Paris and to date (March 2014) continues to be part of the ALSTOM Group.

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