Vote Wrottesley! An 1812 election notice from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

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Date:30th of May 1812

Description:This notice appeared during the 1812 election campaign, in support of Parliamentary candidate John Wrottesley.

Why vote Wrottesley?

Voters are urged to favour Wrottesley for three reasons:


  • The Orders in Council

  • The Potteries could benefit from a government that would withdraw these controversial orders.

    After years of war with France, trade was already struggling. The Orders in Council left American merchant ships unable to reach France or England without running the risk of being seized by either side. The United States retaliated by banning foreign trade with American ports.

    This made it very difficult for the Potteries to export its products.

  • Trade

  • America was a crucial market, but trade with the United States was ruined when US President Thomas Jefferson banned British goods from US ports.

    Any candidate who promised to breathe some life into international trade might get a good hearing.

  • Misery

  • With high unemployment and three years of poor harvest, people had little money but food became more expensive.

    The people of the Potteries were struggling for their livelihoods, and needed an MP who could offer some hope.</ol>

    About this document

    This document, signed 'An Old Potter,' and printed by Allbut and Gibbs, was collected by pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood. It is now among the collections at Stoke-on-Trent Museums.


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