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Emile Ladougne during Burton Aviation week
The Burton Aviation week was staged at Bass's Meadow in Meadow Road, Burton. Emile Ladougne is pictured here at the controls of his Goupy Biplane.
Farman Biplane, Burton Aviation week
Brunneau De Labories' Farman Biplane flying over Bass's Meadow, Burton. This plane was badly damaged during a crash landing shortly afterwards.
Fatal Wartime Creswell Plane Crash ( External web site link )
In the English summer of 1944, an American aircraft crashed at Creswell, Stafford, killing the pilot. The plane was piloted by 25-year old USAAF Ca...
Fighter Plane, Hixon Airfield,
Curtis Tomahawk 1686 Bomber training Flight, whose job was to simulate enemy fighters to train bomber crews to defend their aircraft. The flight wa...
First aeroplane to land in Stone
Gustav Hamel (in front and to right of propeller) became the first aviator to land a plane in Stone on October 18th 1913. The event was arranged by...
FSD Course at RAF Stafford
Among those attending the FSD (Field Supply Duties) Course 33/92 are: Cpl Hughes, Cpl Kellner, Cpl Lane, SAC Burns, SAC Hafford, SAC Johnson, SAC M...
Gustav Hamel at Cannock
Gustav Hamel at the Central Athletic Ground, Chadsmoor, Cannock 1913. The Hardie Green Estate is now where the Athletic Ground was. Hamels' airc...
Gustav Hamel at Longton
Gustav Hamel in his Aeroplane, Stafford,
Gustav Hamel with Miss Trehawke Davies. Gustav Hamel, a pioneer aviator, who performed a flying display over Lammascote Fields in 1912 at the re...
Gustav Hamel in Stafford
Gustav Hamel gave the first flying demonstration in Stafford to a large paying audience at Lammascote. The flying display was preceded by a civic r...
Gustav Hamel's Aeroplane, Stone
Gustav Hamel was a pioneer aviator and the pilot of the first aeroplane to land in Stone. The event was arranged by Evans and Sons Garage. This...
Gustav Hamel's Aeroplane, Stone, (1)
Gustav Hamel, a pioneer aviator, and the first aeroplane to land in Stone. The event was arranged by Evans and Sons Garage. This photograph was...

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